Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (* 26. October 1961) is mentioned the oldest son of the four children by Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya and its fourth wife Ngina Muhoho: Mummy Ngina, which had married 1951. Uhurus first name stands for word for the Kisuaheli - „liberty “. It actual like both parents - a Kikuyu.

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over its private life too many details are not or Stories well-known; some call it even mysteriös. He came 1961 whole short to the complete liberty of his father into the world (other sources mention the 26. October 1960). Its first name decreases/goes back to an idea of the second vice-president of Kenya Joseph Murumbi .

Its nut/mother calls it one „sample son, for whom a nut/mother can only hope. “Over its childhood in the president palace Uhuru says: „Growing up in the Kenyatta household taught us various. My father taught us treat everyone fair. It taught us the nature of justice and Fairness live it knows us on to learn from history but not in it. “It visited the famous catholic pc. Mary's School in Nairobi, where it admits as one of the best pupils was. The family the 1978 deceased of the president was allowed to remain living on arrangement of the new president Moi far in the “State house” and Moi held in all the years of growing up an intensive relationship with the young Uhuru. So he was often guest with Moi in the new State house.

To the Abitur it went to the study into the USA and studied at the Amherst college in Massachusetts political science and economics with the BA-conclusion (Bachelor). It followed its nephew Ngengi Muigai, which had led the Kenyatta clan before it and today in the other political camp is located with this study place. 1985 returned Uhuru to Kenya.

It is since 1989 with Margaret Wanjiru Gakuo, a daughter of the railway manager Dr. E. N. Gakuo marries. They have three children: Jomo, Ngina and Muhoho. Its older sister is Christine Wambui Pratt (* September 1952; in Nairobi married with Victor Pratt, a Liberianer), his younger sister Anna Nyokabi lives quite withdrawn also into Nairobi. Its younger brother Muhoho Kenyatta (* 1964) managt today the family business.


in Kenya he as Grossfarmer and businessman in the Geschäftsimperium of its 1978 deceased father become an orphan easily worked. Like that he was a general manager and chairman of the large and very successful dairy “Brookside”. In addition it is a director of the “mercantile bank of Africa Ltd. ” and member “Kenya dairy agency” (Dairy board).

The family possesses country, allegedly in the order of magnitude of the province Nyanza, so the Taita Taveta farm, Kahawa Sukari farm, Gatundu farm, Thika farm, Brookside farm, Muthaita farm, Green Lee Estate, Njagu farm in Juja, Kasarani farm, Nakuru farm in Rongai, Naivasha Ranch, some further farms in Nairobi as well as a quarry in Dandora.

Such properties are not particularly also with other prominent politicians of government and opposition anything. Jackson Angaine, Njenga Karume, Mwai Kibaki, Kihika Kimani, Mbiyu Koinange, Isaiah Mathenge, Eliud Mahihu, Paul Ngei, Daniel arap Moi, Njoroge Mungai or Charles Njonjo belong to the large basic owners. This fact by the way protects the usually white large farms in the Laikipia level like e.g. Oil air Nyiro of Kuki Gallmann (book and film: “I dreamed to have demanded the Maassai in the summer about Africa”) before it that their country to the Maassai „returned “or enormous sums must be paid, like this 2004 and e.g. partly by force. protected game animals by Niederreissen of the fences „released “. Because neighbour Mwai Kibaki or Charles Njonjo, which had supported Uhuru with its campaign substantial, would like to also keep their country. And Great Britain as well as the white Kenianer, nearly all English origin, would like likewise a president and a government, those the land question to their favour decide and no Harakiri course, how Robert Mugabe drives it at present into Zimbabwe. Were prepared and carried the actions of the Maassais in Laikipia by the way by cleveren lawyers.


late political commitment

only since 1996 arose to Uhuru Kenyatta on regional level as a chairman of the Kenya African national union (KANU), the earlier state party of its father, in Thika . 1997 it lost its constituency Gatundu - south, which its father had already held, at the Social Democrat Moses Muihia. 1999 appointed Moi the young Kenyatta, with which he maintained a close relationship, as the chairman of the tourism board, the official tourism authority of Kenya and the national disaster control. In the tourism authority he co-operated closely with Nicholas Biwott . 2001 it by Moi as the delegate in the parliament and in the same year as the Assistant Minister (local Government) will appoint. In March 2002 it becomes 2. Chairman that KANU selected. Respectable corruption reproaches against Uhuru Kenyatta were so far not raised.


July 2002 it stepped presidency candidate as a surprise candidate of the president Daniel separating from the office arap Moi for the lining up Präsidentenwahl of 27. December 2002 up and was also selected in addition then in October 2002 on party basis. Thus Moi pushed many potential not Kikuyu candidates before the head: George Saitoti, Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi or Kalonzo Musyoka. With the appointment of a Kikuyu counter-cross-hatched Moi in certain way its past anti- Kikuyu politics, which one can call Tribalismus. In addition the choice people had itself to decide now between two Kikuyus, because the other candidate Mwai Kibaki comes of the same Ethnie, while the large other Ethnien went out like the Luhyas and Luos empty. Particularly the Luos felt betrogen, Moi nevertheless allegedly its guidance figure Raila Odinga the candidacy had promised. Odinga and other KANU sizes changed thereupon to the NARC opposition.

The presentation Uhuru Kenyatta was understood to a large extent as trick „of the old person “Daniel arap Moi to be after the choice of the protection of the family Kenyatta and the inexperienced man as „grey Eminenz “to steer surely be able. Moi had protected for his part the widow Kenyattas, mummy Ngina, „“. So it was allowed to remain living up to the today's day in the old president palace (where Uhuru buildup) and their properties (s.o.) keep. Both governments and the circles profiting from them were possibly by same interests in the land question and connected by the abuse of national funds. Uhurus „mysteriöse “past called speculations out (allegedly unsuccessful study in the USA, pressure Daniel arap Mois to political activity, excessive consumption of alcohol), which all the thesis supported, Uhuru was only a blind puppet Mois and the corrupt establishment.

Also that Uhuru was so young and no political experience had, spoke in a country, so much value on the ripe one of humans puts and older men with the willful address „Mzee “tituliert (Jomo Kenyatta e.g. became. only so mentioned) against the candidate. For Uhuru it spoke that he was perhaps not involved into traditional Seilschaften unspent, young and thus.

choice loser

defiance of long history as state party (it governed 39 years long) lost the young candidate on the list that KANU against the oppositional „rainbow coalition “(national Rainbow Coalition, NARC) from Mwai Kibaki, an ethnical party alliance, a whose primary goal was it, after due to splintering the opposition failed attempts of 1992 and 1997 Moi from the office to urge. Kibaki won in a choice with 62%, fair free, after Beonbachtungen and, to 31% of the voices against Uhuru. To the clear result to have substantially contributed the fact might that Kenyattas undemocratic, corrupt and unsuccessful Mentor Moi had lost each support in the population hopelessly. In addition, in the new government many with both past governments remained the connected politician representing.

opposition leader

Uhuru is today member of parliament, however so far his beginning speech in the high house yet did not give. It won and with 2.980 against 622 voices of the Party Congress-delegated was selected the disputed politician Nicholas Biwott in the internal-party struggle for power in January 2005 against the Scharfmacher of the government Moi, convincingly. Biwott was like that hereditary east that he stormed two times furiously from the hall. Uhuru Kenyatta is the present/immediate opposition leader of Kenya.

The largest achievement until 2002 politically of the Uhuru particularly not stepped out on the world stage is surely the democratically natural acceptance of the choice loss. In the surrounding field of the elections from 1992 and 1997 it was still to substantial collisions with dead ones and partly like civil war was entitled come. If the personally integre family father from the pitfalls of the old politician guard can free himself, he has all chances to belong to a new generation of African leaders who their countries according to the rules of the Good Governance to lead democratically, incorruptibly and effectively. It could be 2007 the next president of Kenya.

The population observes at present curiously whether the metamorphosis of the smarten Businessmann and pupil Mois succeeds to it to the leader of a nation.


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