Ukrainian parliamentary elections 2006

the fourth Ukrainian parliamentary elections since independence 1991 found to 26. March 2006 instead of. Were the first parliamentary elections since “orangenen revolution “and concomitantly the first free and fair elections in the history of the country. They were generally seen as tuning over the continuation of the liberal, westoriented course of the acting president Wiktor Juschtschenko. Its party lost numerous voices due to the common discontent me as halfheartedly felt policy of the president, the list of candidates of the former Prime Minister and radical Reformerin the Julia Timoschenko became however second-strongest Karft. The party oily arks and former Prime Ministers Wiktor Janukowytsch became with a voice portion of 32,1% a strongest party, the largest support found to that so far as an opponent of the democratic revolution and supporter Vladimir PUT in the valid Janukowytsch in the usually russichsprachigen east of the country, while in Kiew and in the west of the country the parties of the revolution attained the majority.

Picture of 2005
the parliament, the Werchowna Rada, has at present 450 seats, which are to be occupied by choice again.

Parliamentary elections of this year are held exclusively on the basis of the elections on the basis of proportional representation right. 450 Parlamatssitze are assigned in accordance with nationaluniform party lists. It applies with this choice 3-%ige check clause. Those are the first elections, which take place exclusively after elections on the basis of proportional representation right. The elections 1990 and 1994 were held exclusively after Mehrheitswahlrecht. The candidate should obtain the absolute majority in its constituency in the first ballot, what led 1994 to several by-elections and constant Unterbesetzung of the parliament. 1998 and 2002 were assigned 225 seats in accordance with party lists and the other 225 than direct mandates, whereby only a relative majority of the voices in the constituency was enough now.

Since the direct mandates were mostly acquired by non-party candidates, which made education more difficult of a clear majority then in the parliament, becomes from the jetztigen choice to elections on the basis of proportional representation right v.a. the stabilization of the parties in the parliament expects.

A special meaning becomes this choice also because of at the 1. January 2006 into force stepped constitutional reform attached. The changed condition limits the authority of the president during the formation of a government in favor of the parliament. Now the Prime Minister no more is not suggested to the parliament for simple confirmation, the Präsidnt must consider now majority conditions in the Werchowna Rada and suggest only the representative of the majority party (- EN) the parliament to the choice. It is thus expected that it comes to the first coalition government carried by the parties. In addition also the auditing rights of the parliament were extended in relation to the government and instruction-authorize-sneeze the president limited.

provisional one official election results

at 22 o'clock (Kiewer time) to 26. The polling stations closed March 2006. The choice in the Ukraine is thus terminated. Since apart from the parliamentary elections still local and regional elections were held, the counting of votes became only on Tuesday, the 28. March, in which early ones became finally, however already at the Sonntagabdend first computer forecasts on the basis published by “exit polling “. According to official data of the centers electoral committee in the choice 67.13% of the citizens entitled to vote participated.

The first proclamation of the provisional election results became of the returning officer Jaroslaw Dawydowytsch at 10 o'clock (Kiewer time) on Monday, the 27. March, made.

After the provisional final result the voices distributed themselves in such a way:

Provisional results of the elections into the Werchowna Rada 2006
parties and Wahlbündnisse voices % seats
a party of the regions (Partija regioniw) 8.144.485 32.12 186
block Julia Timoschenko (Blok Juliji Tymošenko) 5.648.345 22.27 129
people union our Ukraine (Narodný Sojuz Naša Ukrajina) 3.536.459 13.94 81
a socialist party of the Ukraine (Socialistyčna Partija Ukraijiny) 1.439.624 5.67 33
a communist party of the Ukraine (Komunistyčna Partija Ukrajiny) 928,501 3.66 21
block people opposition (Blok Narodna opozycija) 743,125 2.93 -
block Wolodymyr Lytwyn (Blok Wolodymyra Lytwyna) 618,060 2.43 -
block Kostenko and Pljuschtsch (Blok Kostenka i Plušča) 475,636 1.87 -
Wit (Wiče) 443,559 1.74 -
reforms and order - PORA! (Reformy i Poriadok - PORA!) 372,931 1.47 -
other 9.9 -
against all 1.77 -
entire (Wahlbeteiligugng: 67.13%) 100 ,450

it are expected a coalition between the block Julia Timoschenko, people union our Ukraine and the socialist party. Possible would be also a coalition between the people union and the party of the regions of Wiktor Janukowytsch.

beginning parties, alliances and choice blocks

the center electoral committee of the Ukraine has to the choice to 26. March 2006 the lists of names that altogether 45 parties and choice blocks certified. It is however counted that only 6 to 8 parties over 3%-Hürde comes and draws in into the next Werchowna Rada.

The parties are emphasized, at which it is expected that they receive over 3% of the voices. In parentheses the number of candidates is indicated on for the centers electoral committee in-fair list of names of the respective party (see also: List of the parties of the Ukraine).

  • A communist party of the Ukraine (449)
  • a party of the regions (446)
  • people movement of the Ukraine for unit (42)
  • a party of of the social one protection (20)
  • a political party “European capital” (35)
  • block Natalija Witrenko “people opposition” (390)
    • a party “Russian-Ukrainian union” (RUS')
    • a progressive socialist party of the Ukraine
  • a allUkrainian party of the people confidence (41)
  • block Lasarenko (130)
    • a party “social-democratic union” (SDU)
    • a political party allUkrainian combination “Hromada” (municipality)
    • a social-democratic party of the Ukraine
  • block “our Ukraine “ (393)
    • congress of the Ukrainian nationalists
    • people movement of the Ukraine
    • industriellen and an entrepreneur party of the Ukraine
    • Christian one democratic union of the Ukraine
    • people union our Ukraine (Viktor Juschtschenko) (NSNU)
    • a Ukrainian republican party
  • people block Lytwyn (444)
    • people's party of the Ukraine
    • a party of of the allUkrainian combination that linking “justice”
    • a Ukrainian democratic farmer party
  • a party of of the national economic development of the Ukraine (24)
  • block Julija Tymoschenko (409)
    • a allUkrainian native country party
    • a Ukrainian social-democratic party
  • a socialist party of the Ukraine (390)
  • choice block Jewhen Martschuk - “unit” (82)
    • a party of the liberty
    • a party “solidarity of of the Ukrainian Mrs.”
    • a Ukrainian party “unit”
  • choice block Borys Olijnyk and Mychajlo Syrota (99)
    • a political party “information Ukraine”
    • a health party
    • a work party of the Ukraine
  • of “oppositionals block NE TAC!” (441)
    • “women for the future” - allUkrainian political association
    • allUkrainian union “center”
    • a republican party of the Ukraine
    • a united social-democratic party of the Ukraine
  • Ukrainian people block of Kostenko and Pljuschtsch (216)
    • free farmer and entrepreneur party of the Ukraine
    • a political party “met Ukraine”
    • Ukrainian people's party
  • a party of the Greens of the Ukraine (87)
  • block of the people-democratic party (NDP) (376)
    • a democratic party de Tschornobyl
    • . Ukraine. “(54) block “Patrioten of the Ukraine” (99)
    • a patriotic party of the Ukraine
    • Ukrainian national ones a conservative party
  • Yuriy Karmasin
  • (59)
  • a allUkrainian party of the peace and the unity
  • a party of the native country defenders
  • a party “national democratic union “Ukraine ""
    • a party of the patriotic forces of the Ukraine (103)
    • a political party “a party of the ecological rescue “EKO+25%” (140)
    a political party third Kraft (208)
  • Ukrainian popular assembly (22)
    • allUkrainian union “liberty” (109)
    • a farmer party of the Ukraine (65)
    • block of the non-party ones “the SUN” (129)
    • a Ukrainian party of the honour, the fight against
  • and
  • organized criminality
  • (44)
    • work on [] Web on the left of
    • choice observation by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Euro
  • Reform way or role backwards? The Ukraine in the apron of the parliamentary elections to 26. March 2006 (Tim who Inc.)
    • center electoral committee of the Ukraine to the parliamentary elections 2006 (English)


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