Ulrich Plenzdorf

Ulrich Plenzdorf (* 26. October 1934 in Berlin) is a German writer, film script author and a Dramaturg.

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in Leipzig he studied philosophy, later it completed the film university. Since 1963 he works as Szenarist in the DEFA - Studio.

Admits became of the GDR - author in east and West Germany by his society-critical piece of stage the new suffering of the recent W.Written in the jargonto the GDR youth into the 1970er years, it tells the tragic history of a young person to break off that of its smallcivil environment tried and when reading Goethe's work suffering recent value ago (1774) again and again parallels toofinds to its own life.

Since 2004 he is guest lecturer at German Literaturinstitut in Leipzig.

honors and honours

of works

  • Karla (film script, 1964]
  • width, Love (film script , 1969) satisfies roads
  • knowing you Urban? (Film script, 1970)
  • new suffering of the recent W. (Piece of stage, 1972; film 1976 of Eberhard Itzenplitz)
  • the legend of Paul and Paula (film script, 1973; film 1973 of Heiner Carow)
  • the oldMan, the horse, the road (film script, 1974)
  • Buridans donkey (1976)
  • luck in rear spar from (film script, 1978)
  • excerpt (1977)
  • none down, none far from (narration, 1978)
  • legend of the luck without end (novel, 1979)
  • good eight-history (1980)
  • the king and its fool (film script, 1981)
  • support horn (1983) Film script
  • a fleeing horse (film script after the novel of Martin Walser)
  • one day longer than a life (drama, 1986)
  • time of the wolves (drama, 1989)
  • the case o. (Film script, 1990)
  • the suspicion (film script, 1990 after the narration unfinished history of Peoples brown)
  • favourite cross mountain (film script, 1992)
  • unlawful detention (drama, 1987, after the narration of Günter de Bruyn)
  • father nut/mother murderer child (television play and piece of stage, 1993/94)
  • citizen of Berlin stories. A author Anthologie, as it developed and was prevented by the state security service. (1995)
  • The drunkard (Film script, 1995)
  • the shop (film script, 1997)
  • knocked off (film script, 1998)
  • unity and unity is in disagreement (1999)

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