Ulrich V. (Württemberg)

Ulrich V.
count von Württemberg
count of Württemberg Stuttgart
Term of office of 1433-1480
predecessors Eberhard IV. / Ludwig I.
Successor Eberhard VI.
Father Eberhard IV.
Nut/mother Henriette of Mömpelgard

Ulrich V. “the much-loved” (* 1413; † 1. September 1480 in Leonberg) was from 1433 to 1441 count von Württemberg and from 1441 to 1480 count of Württemberg Stuttgart.

life and political working

Ulrich was the son of count Eberhard IV. of Württemberg and Henriette of Mömpelgard.

After the early death of his father Ludwig took over his nut/mother together with württembergischen advice the guardianship for Ulrich and his older brother. Ludwig was already explained in the year 1426 for of age, with which he took over alone the Regierungsgeschäfte, until its brother became certified Ulrich 1433 co-governing. After some years of the common government Ulrich implemented in the year 1441 after its wedding with Margarete of Cleve the division of the country, to 23. April 1441 was recorded. Ulrich received the eastern and northern region with the Residenzstadt Stuttgart, Ludwig the western and southern region with the Residenzstadt Urach. The division, which had been originally limited on four years, became already to 25. January 1442 by the Nürtinger contract as unlimited division fixed.

1444 supported Ulrich the house having castle under king Friedrich III. in the old person Zurich war in the fight against the Swiss oath comrades. Together with his allied ones, to the Mark count Albrecht Achilles of Brandenburg, the Mainzer archbishop Dietrich give of hereditaryoh as well as the Mark count Jakob I. from bathing it formed the core of the Mergentheimer of federation, which proceeded more and more against the realm cities. These tensions in the feud between Mark count Albrecht and the realm city Nuremberg found its high point 1449. Graf Ulrichs Hauptgegner unter den Reichsstädten war Esslingen, das durch die Erhöhung seiner Zölle Einnahmen der Grafschaft Württemberg deutlich verringerte. Ulrich did not succeed it however despite repeated victories against Esslingen and further realm cities to win a crucial advantage.

1450 fell Ulrich after the death of his brother Ludwig the guardianship over its both nephews the future counts von Württemberg Urach Ludwig II. and Eberhard V. too. This led soon to a controversy with cure prince Friedrich I. of the Pfalz, which made likewise requirement on the guardianship valid. Ludwig II. 1457 already died. The Uracher of land conditions lifted 1459 also the guardianship Ulrichs over count Eberhard V. up.

1458 let the castle Widdern , on which pfälzische leaning people were destroy Ulrich. This strengthened the arguments between Ulrich and Friedrich I. of the Pfalz. In the German Reich at that time two alliance blocks developed. Ulrich closed the alliance between that 1452 to the emperor crowned Friedrich III. and Mark count Albrecht Achilles of Brandenburg on. Their main opponent were the brother of the emperor Herzog Albrecht VI. of Austria, cure prince Friedrich I. of the Pfalz and duke Ludwig IX. of Bavaria land hat. 1460 came it to first military arguments between both alliance blocks. After a short armistice Friedrich III. called. 1461 again the realm war against Bavaria out. Ulrich took over together with Albrecht Achilles the realm captain shank against Bavaria. In briefly the Mainzer breaking out thereafter pin feud from 1461 to 1463 it supported archbishop Adolf II. of Nassau against its set off predecessor Diether of Isenburg and Friedrich I. of the Pfalz. To different fights it came to 30. June 1462 to the battle with Seckenheim, in which Ulrich with its allied ones was defeated. They came into pfälzische shank. Only to 27. April 1463 turned Ulrich after a ransom payment back to Stuttgart.

1473 went to Ulrich and Eberhard V. a house contract, the common succession to regulate should and already at the reunification of the two württembergischen regions aimed. Ulrich received later with Eberhard V. also support against his own renitenten son, Eberhard VI., whereby Eberhard V. also influence in Stuttgart region won.


Ulrich V. was three times married. In the year 1441 he married Margarethe of Cleve. From the marriage the daughter originated:

After death Margarethes to 20. May 1444 met Ulrich already to 9. September 1444 the marriage agreement with Elizabeth von Bayern-Landshut. From this marriage the following children followed:

Elizabeth died after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth in the childbed at the 1. January 1451. Ulrich married thereupon at the 11. November 1453 Margarethe of Savoyen, those already with duke Ludwig III. by Anjou and cure prince Ludwig IV. of the Pfalz was married. With Ulrich it had the following children:

  • Helene, * after 1453, † 19. February 1506, marries VI. with count Kraft. of Hohenlohe.
  • Margarethe, * after 1453, † 21. April 1470, marries to 23. April 1469 with count Philipp von Eppstein Königstein.
  • Philippine, * after 1453, † 4. June 1475 in Weert, marries II. with count Jakob. of horn.


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