Ulrich walter

Ulrich walter
Ulrich Walter, NASA-Foto (1993)
country: Germany (DLR)
date selection: 3. August 1987
number of space flights: 1
start first space flight: 26. April 1993
landing last space flight: 6. May 1993
total period: 9d 23h 40min
number of EH: 0
total period EH: -
Space flights:
separated: May 1993

Ulrich Hans walter (* 9. February 1954 in Iserlohn) is a German physicist and a former astronaut.

Ulrich and his Mrs. Beate have two daughters. The family lives with Munich.

After Abitur at the Märki High School in Iserlohn and study Ulrich received walter 1980 his diploma and 1985 its doctor in physics, in each case with topics from solid-state physics. After two research stays at the Argonne national Laboratory and at the university in Berkeley he began 1987 its training as the astronaut with the DLR, which he until 1993,also at NASA, terminated.

In the same year it took of 26. April to 6. May as a payload specialist at the Spacelab mission D-2 part (flight STS-55 of the space shuttle Columbia). It spent 9 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes in the universe.

After itsFlight led walter four years long satellite photograph archives of the DLR in the Bavarian Oberpfaffenhofen. Starting from 1998 he was manager with IBM Germany. In the development lab in Böblingen he worked on digital medium solutions. Since March 2003 he is owner of the chair for space technology at the technical University of Munich.

Ulrich walter published more than 40 publications about space and space travel. It writes regular columns and articles for magazines and moderates since 1998 the science transmission „to MaxQ “in the BR.

Walter is member in the Kuratorium of the German museum Munich and the Science andTechnology of center Freiburg in mash gau. It is carrier of the Order of Merit of first class and the who ago of brown medal.

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