Ulrich Wickert

Ulrich Wickert (* 2. December 1942 in Tokyo, Japan) is a German journalist and author. Wickert is above all well-known as moderator of the daily topics.


Ulrich Wickert was born in Tokyo, there its father Erwin Wickertthere coworker of the German message was. He spent its childhood in Heidelberg and Paris (1956 - 1959), where the family lived due to the vocational obligations of the father at NATO. Already 1956 had Wickert in the Rhine Neckar newspaper with a report on the Eiffelturmas 14jähriger its first journalistic appearance.

Into the 1960ern it studied political sciences and law in Bonn and went as a scholarship holder 1962 in the Fulbright program to the Wesleyan University into Connecticut/the USA. Its first legal state examination put he 1968 down and began as freerRadio author with the pool of broadcasting corporations, where it became short time late editor.

1969 to 1977 worked Wickert as an editor of the transmission monitor and by the WDR of 1969 - 1978 to each presidency election to Paris were sent. 1978 became Wickert as correspondent to the Frankreichstudio thatPool of broadcasting corporations shifts.1981 it created the discussion circle journalist for the open broadcast, in the same year transferred it the line of the Pool of broadcasting corporations Studios to New York. 1984 became Wickert director/conductor Paris Pool of broadcasting corporations Studios. Since that 1. July 1991 it is first moderator of the pool of broadcasting corporations newscast daily topics, those it in the weekly change with the lady journalist Anne wants moderated. Its up to 31. August 2006 current contract it does not want to extend no more, as it at the 11. April 2004 explained.

The winter semester 2004/05 Wickert fee professor at the university Magdeburg Stendal became. It is there in the course of studies journalism/medium management actively. Ulrich Wickert is member in the Stiftungskuratorium of the donation of pupil helping life. In November 2005 he was appointed because of its earnings/services around the French-German relations with the officer of the Ehrenlegion.

Wickert is in third marriage with Julia Jäkel, that Publishing house chief Brigitte - group with the Greens and year, marries. Its niece Emily Wood is in the Sat.1 - series Sechserpack to see. Wickert is SPD member.


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