Ulrich Wildgruber

Ulrich Wildgruber (* 18. November 1937 in Bielefeld; † 30. November 1999 on Sylt by Suizid) was a German actor.

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the son of a Bielefelder of book binding masterwas inspired since its school time and the cooperation at an amateur theatre to become actor. First it began its schauspielerische training in several stations with private play teachers, which was interrupted again and again however, and he had to strike himself with numerous jobs by the lives, without howeverto lose its goal from the eyes. Only 1960 succeeded it to it at the max of Reinhardt seminar in Vienna for a play study to be accepted.

Until 1972, when its co-operation lasting up to its death began with the director Peter Zadek, were Ulrich Wildgruber at theatresin Vienna, Basel, Heidelberg, upper living and Stuttgart , 1971 engage briefly also at the citizens of Berlin looking stage of Peter Stein.

At the Schauspielhaus Bochum succeeded to it then under Peter Zadek 1972 the break-through. Here it grew up to the Protagonisten of the Zadek productions and played under itall large Shakespeare roles, although the korpulente actor was often occupied with it against the usual type of role. Often this led to theatre scandals. Also its self-willed diction and sentence melody caused again and again criticism. For Zadeks Theaterspektakel it however the ideal partner, that was just as strong as tenderto be could.

To completion of the directorship Zadeks in Bochum 1975 it changed to the German Schauspielhaus to Hamburg and remained there until 1991. In Hamburg it lived to end of the 1980er years together with wife Vera Wildgruber (Dramaturgin) and daughter Olga (*1968). From 1991 toit lived together to its death with its play colleague Martina cover in Berlin.

Its last role was the Polonius in Shakespeares Hamlet under the direction of Peter Zadek for the salt citizens of festivals 1999. After appearances in Zurich and Strasbourg Ulrich Wildgruber alluded againthe citizen of Berlin looking stage. 35 conceptions were in October and November 1999 sell off. The with difficulty heart-ill Wildgruber suffered the physical efforts of the occupation of actor any longer to have grown. To 29. It drove November 1999 from Berlin to Sylt, where it had its holidays domicile for years.At the night to 30. November drowned himself he in the North Sea. On the day after Spaziergänger at the beach found it.

To the question, whether it was particularly difficult for an actor, to become older, Ulrich Wildgruber answered 1994 in an interview: “A Stradivari becomes inRun of the years perhaps better. But if you have a body, which becomes ever fatter, which cannot strike Salto, - many things cannot I no more express, even if I liked. I would have known that, I would have become never an actor. “

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