Ulrich of Liechtenstein

Ulrich of Liechtenstein (Codex one-eat, 14. Jh.).
Ulrich is here represented as zimiergeschmückter tournament knights in its “lining” as a lady Venus (with Amorpfeil and torch/flare). In this Inkognito it had undertaken a large literary tournament travel after the representation in its biography as Minneritter 1227.

Ulrich of Liechtenstein (also: Liechtenstein, * around 1200; † 26. January 1275) was a Minnesänger and a poet of the Middle Ages, who sealed in medium high-German language.

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Ulrich of Liechtenstein belonged to one in the Steiermark (Austria) wealthy and influential Ministerialengeschlecht and dressed some important political offices: In the years 1244/1245 it was Truchsess of the Steiermark, from 1267-1272 was it marshal; in the year 1272 also land judge. From the years 1227 to 1274 95 documents are received, in which its name is mentioned; eight of these documents it issued.


the Minnelyrik Ulrichs is into the large collection of the Codex one-eat taken up. Before already Ulrich collected its 58 doene in a Minnesänger biography, the so-called woman service. It tells therein in I form its life as the history knight of a recruiting Minne. The degree of the wording of this life history after literary samples is difficult to measure. The different one self view of the individual in the Middle Ages forbids it anyhow occupying the woman service with the modern terms of the “fiction” or the “autobiography”. If a partly amusing light falls here on the min new inheriting (drastic degradations of the Minnewerbers as indications of unconditional devotion), then represents Ulrich in its woman wife a serious, instructing intention.

The lyric poetry Ulrichs is considered as conventionally, artistic and from the high Minnesang around 1200, particularly on roll ago on the bird pasture, dependent. The minnetheoretischen and telling writings draw in contrast to it by tell-technical means which were promoted out (I narration in the woman Mrs., framed dialogue in the woman book), even if Ulrich cannot be counted to the large storytellers of the German Middle Ages.


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