Ultra Density Optical

the Ultra Density Optical (UDO) developed by the British manufacturer Plasmon as successors of the MOD and DVD-RAM. Technically been based those UDO on the phase CHANGE technology and stores at present 30 GB (gigabyte). In the next years downward-compatible larger core image formats are planned. Since September 2004 those is based UDO on the manufacturer-spreading standard ISO/CInternational Electronical Commission 17345.

In the industrial combination the Udo supporters are organized UDO Technology forum.

Table of contents

Spezifkation of the media

as media uses those UDO a further developed CD-ROM in a cartridge in 5 the 1/4 " format, so that the Udo media in Jukeboxen without further investments, already existing, can be used.

As file system the UDF can be used 1,02 or Udo-specific prop. guessing acres of archives file system (AFS ). With both file systems a True WORM with journal functions is usable.

standards and standard

  • ISO/CInternational Electronical Commission 17345, is based on the standard ECMA-350.


  • Gieselmann, Hartmut: “Blue memory. Professional data protection of the next generation " in: c't, ISSN 0724-8679, 21. Class (2004), expenditure 6, sides 196ff., also liable to pay the costs on-line callably. This article treats UDO and PDD and represents besides relevant differences to MOD and DVD-RAM.
  • Gieselmann, Hartmut: “Blue giants. Professional memory drive assemblies with blue laser " in: c't, ISSN 0724-8679, 22. Class (2005), expenditure 11, page 90, also liable to pay the costs on-line callably. This article treats a practical comparison test with the drive assemblies UDO30D and the PDD competitor BW-RU101 and their media.

Web on the left of

  • udo.com - Website the UDO Technology forum (English). Contains beside a membership list also extensive information to UDO.
  • plasmon.com/udo - Plasmons manufacturer side over UDO (English).
  • www.hp.com/go/udo - HP STORAGE solutions UDO Jukeboxen (English).
  • golem.de/.. - Sony cannot be format PDD against UDO in the market to intersperse

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