Unsupervised installation

with an unsupervised installation in such a way specified (English: unattended installation) is gone through the complete Setup of a program or an installation routine, without inputs of the user are necessary meanwhile. Data during the installation, z. B. to the desired installation path, thus, there these attitudes escape the input of a possibly needed license key or the acknowledgement of confirmations before z. B. in a Script (a so-called answer file) or with a certain command line parameter to be specified. The installation time is reduced in most cases noticeably, since evenly for inputs one does not wait and thus several installations one behind the other away to be implemented to be able. If the same software on several computers is to be installed, can be saved through this automation of the installation time and thus money, since this configures before once, arbitrarily often and contrary to the image on most different systems to be accomplished can, without stressing further work time.

Beyond that nowadays with the selling of new computers the unsupervised installation is likewise used. Contrary to a FullUnattended installation is used here however a special mode. Thus the OEMs can install all computers with the same software and attitude, for the buyer it however made possible when first switching on on computers by data as its names to enter the time and the serial number in the last part of the Setups and to thus individualize the installation.

Automated installation mechanisms have a long tradition under HP-UX , Solaris , Linux or AIX. With Microsoft however the unsupervised installation won only in the last years at popularity. Application finds it since Windows 2000 and to Windows XP in connection with Slipstreaming (the integration of Microsoft service of luggage in the installation medium), since thereby the time can be used during a complete new installation of the operating system otherwise.

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to installation of a complete operating system

apart from the possibility of installing individual programs automated can the complete operating system be before-configured. All attitudes of the system (user accounts, Desktop background, network attitudes, etc.) can be put down in a Script before. By a batch Script so for example directly with the installation of the operating system further applications of software or also driver are installed, which are not according to standard in the scope of supply that contained of Windows CD.

After the complete operational sequence once one configured, the system can be serviced very easy respectively to update.

Particularly in larger companies, in which several same computers must again be installed, this method is suitable. Not each PC must be cared for individually, separates each computer processes independently the prefabricated Script.

Favourable thereby above all the centralization is. If the data of the unsupervised installation are integrated updated, new Hotfixes, then all computers already receive the last updates with a new installation, so that those are closed to date well-known safety gaps.

Further security is obtained thereby which all safety-relevant aspects before the installation of the computers and be converted then in a Script can be decided. So z can. B. the necessary installations as administrator to be installed automatically, for the enterprise are to then be available the user however only the reduced user.

Therefore this method is suitable not only for companies, but is also for the home PC, since without newest updates of the computers with the first contact with the Internet by viruses could be infected, sees Ms-Blaster worm recommendable.

installation from individual programs

to the unsupervised installation of the programs gives it different possibilities. Each of these procedures offers in individual cases which can be weighed advantages and disadvantages.

by parameters

many, however not all programs can be before-configured by special command line parameters.

General syntax:

 installationsdatei.exe <parameters 1,…, parameter N>

Often can the parameters the available do by calling dateiname.exe /?, dateiname.exe -? or instead of ? help to be indicated. Alternatively the necessary information stands possibly in the documentation of the program directly, or can from the realization over the used Windows Installer be deduced. For example /silent an installation can frequent be started by the switch, with which the program without further configuration is installed during the Setups on the non removable disk.

However can hardly be configured by parameter the installation. Apart from the option to the unsupervised installation as well as the installation path only rarely further configurations can be stopped by the switches. If further options of the program are to become preset, then this knows through additionally Registry - entries to be realized, if one knows the appropriate entries. Further information are to be reread during software distribution as well as with Guides specified down.

by Snapshots

of the moreover one a Snapshot program can store all data, which a program changes with the installation produced/, so that these must be only copied for the unsupervised installation on the non removable disk.

The Snapshot procedure leaves a certain uncertainty with complex products whether the provided package under all circumstances is so installed, as it would have done the original Installer of the software producer. Many software companies lean therefore support for software error, those when Snapshoot packaging Clients arise first off, and require a verification with a manual installation.

by Scripte

Scripte store the keyboard and mouse inputs which can be implemented one behind the other (z. B. Tab, Tab, Tab, “C:\Program1”, Enter). Thus the configuration of the installation can be planned and stored exactly.

If the software does not offer an own possibility for the automated installation, therefore the inputs which can be transacted can be autoitscript for example by a WSH - , VBS - Script or or realized the folder Autohotkey. As commercial product there are WinRobots. While the Scripting syntax is ajar against VB-Script by AutoIt, WinRobots installation script pursues its own concept.

With “manual installation” arise problems therefore automated if unexpected windows emerge, which were not planned in the Script. A difference is also that Snapshot installations can be partly accomplished, without on the Client the work must be interrupted. This proceeding is not meaningful with manually driven installations, since keyboard entries and Mausklicks of the user with those of the Scripts would come into conflict.


on the one hand is possible it, the additional data on a separate, arbitrary storage medium, to make available approximately on a file server or a Diskette/CD. On the other hand can be integrated the Scripte as well as the additional programs/driver directly on Windows installation CD.

Since for the production of a Unattended CD a certain training period is necessary, above all if complex attitudes are to be changed in the Registry by Script, developed in recent time several programs for the support with the production of an unsupervised installation (see further programs). These offer mostly still further additions approximately beside a simpler configuration around the Windows system (for instance a minimization of the installation data).

If one however a Script provides completely, see Web on the left of, then it recommends to examine itself whether the pre-setting configured in the Script was selected correctly. If about some parameters are not correct, then the smooth operational sequence is no longer ensured, the installation on one point hanging would remain, since it possibly waits for a user input. One would have the errors in the Script therefore the installation off to break and cannot not to eliminate, since now on the PC cannot be worked.

If no further computer stands for for order to emulate itself on which the installation be tested can, then recommends it therefore the complete installation before by means of an image first times . For Windowsversion before NT4 there is a separate Guide

of programs, which provide a Unattended CD for Windows

XPize Slipstreaming

Web on the left of


  • deeper views of the exact operational sequence of an Windows installation, ISBN 3-86063-274-4 (see also left [1])

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