Uncanny meeting of the third kind

film data
of German titles: Uncanny meeting of the third kind
original title: CLOSE Encounters OF the Third child
production country: The USA
feature year: 1977
length (PAL - DVD): 134 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Steven play mountain
film script: Steven play mountain
production: Julia Phillips
Michael Phillips
music: John Williams
camera: Many MOS Zsigmond
Douglas Slocombe
William A. Fraker
cut: Michael punt

uncanny meeting of the third kind is a Science Fiction - film of Steven play mountain, thatan establishment of contact by peaceful extraterrestial ones shows. Special admittingness attained the film because of the aufwändigen light and special effects, with which play mountain produced the landing of the extraterrestial spaceship.

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the filmvordergründig Claude Lacombe acts , easily of François Truffaut of UFOs and a covered operation of the government under the line of the linguist. The main interest of the film is however on a handful authentically drawn town inhabitant, from whose point of view the events are told.

Of Steven the play mountainwrote, puzzle-like told story leads us to scenes in Mexico, India and different places of the USA and runs out in the final on the landing of a gigantic spaceship at a mountain named Devil's Tower in Wyoming . There the extraterrestial ones with humans communicate by music andHandzeichen and finally invite the Kleinstädter Roy Neary as representatives of mankind to accompany it on the return flight to their homeland planet.

three years after

the appearance of the film play mountain a revised version under the title provided the new versions uncanny meetingthe third kind - the new version.

Because of the large financial success of uncanny meeting the third kind tried the Studio first to persuade play mountain to turn a continuation. For play mountain however the film with the taking of the spaceship off was in the final terminated (laterit turned nevertheless one „secret “continuation under the title E.T. the extraterrestial one).

As compromise play mountain created „the new version “. It inserted new scenes into the existing film. In addition count:

  • the discovery in the Bermuda triangle of the missing person of freighter Cotopaxi in the desert Gobi
  • thatEnter the spaceship inside following the original final.

At the same time (or shortened) play mountain removed other scenes, under it

  • for Roy Nearys nocturnal depression accumulation under the shower
  • Roy Nearys of manischer Trip by the neighbourhood on the search for building material for its replication of the Devil' s Tower.

Thus „those becamenew version “three minutes more briefly. Public and criticism were itself predominantly in it united, the exhibition of the spaceship inside are unnecessary, the majority preferred the old version.

Therefore play mountain in its Director ' s CUT ( as uncanny meeting of the third kind - Collector' s edition on DVD appeared) repaired those„Error “of the new version and took the extended final out again. In addition it added the originally shortened scenes. The cargo ship scene in the desert Gobi remained.


of the titles of the film uncanny meeting of the third kind is based on a terminologythe astronomer and book author Dr.J. All Hynek, which was to the film project as an advisor at the disposal.

  • A meeting of the first kind („CLOSE of encounter OF the roofridge child “, CE1) means the sifting of something unknown one from close distance.
  • A meeting of the second kind (CE2) is a sifting, with which a UFO interacts in any way with the environment and leaves seizable traces as for example a casting in the soil.
  • A meeting of the third kind (CE3) means the appearance of extraterrestial ones (as in the film already mentioned).
  • Of a meeting fourthOne speaks kind (CE4), if humans are kidnapped by extraterrestial ones.
  • A meeting of the fifth kind (CE5) designates communication of humans and extraterrestial ones, whereby „the answer “of the strange object is not a coincidental result, but a purposeful reaction to „the question “of humans.

Play mountain request,on unknown quantity to in-permit and (again) communicate with one another, about many as global reconciliation message understood themselves. This corresponded to the spirit of the time of the political thaw between the great powers end of the seventies.

The acoustic signals, which are so characteristic in the film, come of to the musical plan language Solresol of the Frenchman Sudre. The consequence of five tones emerges later in different films, among other things than door code in the James bond film “Moonraker “.

The work title was „Watch the Skies “. Those are the conclusions from the thing from another world.

ThoseSpecial effects come from Douglas Trumbull. With the Oscars 1978 the film in this category had however no chance against star Wars. The jury was the opinion, the effects would be none cheats to a large extent been, but 1:1 models would have been simply abgefilmt, whichnaturally the case was not.


  • Steven play mountain: Uncanny meeting of the third kind. Science Fiction novel. (The book to the film) (OT: CLOSE Encounters OF the Third child). Goldmann, Munich 1978, ISBN 3-442-23297-X

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