Unica Zürn

Unica Zürn (* 6. July 1916 in Berlin Green forest as Nora Berta Unica Ruth Zürn, † 19. October 1970 in Paris) was a German authoress and draftswoman.

Unica Zürn visited the High School , which left her however before the maturity examination in Berlin. From 1934 to 1942 it was employed with the Ufa, at first as secretary and archives airs, later than Dramaturgin for publicity films. 1942 married it Erich Laupenmühlen, with which she had two children. With the divorce of the marriage in the year 1949 Zürn had to leave the two children to its ex man. From 1949 bis1955 she earned herself their living costs with the writing of stories for citizen of Berlin newspapers.

1953 became acquainted with it the artist Hans Bellmer , with which she connected a close relationship in the consequence. Zürn followed it to Paris, where she began to write and draw Anagramme. 1953 and 1957 were issued their designs in Paris. Starting from 1957 it maintained contacts to that Paris Surrealisten Hans Arp, André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, max Ernst and Henri Michaux and began with the work on surrealistischen Prosastücken.

Beginning of the sixties-years came with it a paranoide schizophrenia to the outbreak. From 1961 to 1963 it was therefore in a psychiatric hospital in Paris , and also in the following years it came still several times to hospitalizations. 1967 had it in Hanover together with Hans Bellmer their first larger exhibition in Germany. 1970 took itself it by a jump from a window of the dwelling Hans Bellmers the life.

Unica Zürns literary work, from which to lifetimes of the author one published only little, consists on the one hand of auto+biographically more coined/shaped and frequently fragmentary Prosa, those above all their Dear relations, its illness and their treatment with the topic has, on the other hand from poetic texts, of which their 123 Anagramm - poems are most famous.

Table of contents


  • witch texts, Berlin 1954
  • dark spring, Hamburg 1969
  • the man in the jasmine, Frankfurt/M. [among other things] 1977
  • in the dust of this life, Berlin 1980
  • the white with the red point, Berlin 1981
  • the house of the diseases, Berlin 1986
  • total expenditure, Berlin
    • Bd. 1. Anagramme, 1988
    • Bd. 2. Prosa 1, 1989
    • Bd. 3. Prosa 2, 1991
    • Bd. 4,1. Prosa 3, 1991
    • Bd. 4,2. Prosa 4, 1998
    • Bd. 4,3. Notes, letters, documents, 1999
    • Bd. 5. Recordings, 1989
    • Bd. 6. Letters, documents, sound broadcasting, 2001
  • Les jeux à deux, Berlin 1989
  • Orakel and pageant, Berlin 1990
  • Lettres outer docteur Ferdière, Paris 1994 (together with Hans Bellmer)

exhibition catalogs

  • Unica Zürn: Water colors, designs, erasures, Hanover 1967
  • Unica Zürn: Fig. 1953 - 1970, Berlin 1998


  • Frauke Hartmann: The Anagramme Unica Zürns, Hamburg 1988
  • Sabine Scholl: Error, traps, art, Frankfurt/Main 1990
  • Gunn Irén Glosvik: In the labyrinth of the Ariadne, mountains 1995
  • Ute Baumgärtel: "... yours I is a gram you seaweed… “, Vienna 2000
  • Helga Lutz: Typefaces and picture writings, Stuttgart [among other things] 2003

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