Unidad popular

the Unidad popular (UP) was a Wahlbündnis of left Chilean parties and groupings, to 17. December 1969 was created. It acted over:

  • A socialist party.
  • A communist party.
  • A radical party.
  • A social-democratic party.
  • MAPU - Movement thatuniform people action.
  • API - Independent people action.
  • Starting from 1971: IC - Christian left ones.

Thus splintering that was terminated linking in different groupings and directions. A typical “people frontdeveloped, the Unidad popular.

With the elections to 4. September 1970 became the UP also36.3 per cent of the voices to the strongest Kraft. The UP candidate Salvador all end became with the voices of the Christian democrats to 22. October 1970 from the parliament to the Chilean president selected.

With the local elections 1971 came the UP on 49,7% of the voices. With the parliamentary elections to 4. March 1973 came the UP on a voice portion of 43,9 per cent.

Unter der Regierung der UP wurden grundlegende soziale Reformen in Chile eingeführt, die vor allem den bis dahin unterprivilegierten Schichten der Bevölkerung zugute kamen. The rights of the workers and the Landbevölkerung dependent on large basic owners becamestrengthened. The health service was reformed and the medical supplies and general basic supply of vitally necessary goods also for without means ones were facilitated. The Alphabetisierung was forced. Important key industries of Chile as for instance the copper industry, up to then by the majority in the hands of US-American companies, were put under state control. After the USAthereupon trade an embargo over Chile had imposed, came it to an economic crisis with an inflation rate to over 60%. Consequently all end proclaimed 1972 the state of emergency .

At the 11. September 1973 became the government Allendes after a call of the parliament the drastic change of the policythe government, by the military under guidance of the US-American secret services supported general Augusto Pinochet fallen by force. All end took itself with the attack of the Putschisten on the government building in Santiago de Chile the life. After the Militärputsch Pinochet under its guidance established one Military dictatorship, which cancelled most reforms of the UP again and also the economic dominance of the US companies over the Chilean keys repaired industries. Trailers of the Unidad popular were murdered to thousands. Many, which could escape the pursuit of the hard thorough military, had itselfset off to their lifesaving in the exile abroad .

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