Unit load DEVICE

unit load DEVICE (short ULDs) pallets and containers , which are used, are to be loaded in order luggage, freight and post office on large-capacity aircraft. They make it possible that large quantities of transport property are bundled into large units. Their use leads to the fact that fewer units must be loaded, and they save ground personnel, time and expenditure for the dispatching enterprises.

Air freight container type AKH

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it gives 2 forms of ULDs: Pallets and containers. ULD pallets will were stabilized with aluminum plates with edges to engage designed over on the Frachtbüdelansätze too. ULD container, also admits as tons and bowls, is perfectly locked containers made of aluminum or a combination made of aluminum (edge) and plastic (walls), and depending upon the kind of the goods in it, can it to cooling units have inserted. Down are examples of frequent ULDs and their characteristics. Meanwhile also explosion proof containers were developed, were not created these to have it however yet to the routine employment in airplanes, which was predominantly also because of the price of the containers.

Volume designates the internal volume; German Federal Armed Forces - cousin width; W - pair of overalls width
container volume dimensions remarks
LD2 3.4 m ³ 120BW/158W x 153D x 163H (cm) outlined, half width
LD3 4.3 m ³ 164BW/201W x 153D x 163H (cm) outlined, half width
LD6 8.8 m ³ 318BW/407W x 153D x 163H (cm) outlined, whole width, equivalent to 2 LD3s
LD8 6.9 m ³ 244BW/318W x 153D x 163H (cm) outlined, whole width, equivalent to 2 LD2s; DQF prefix
LD11 7.2 m ³ 318W x 153D x 163H (cm) equal as LD6 however without outlines; rectangular
pallets volume dimensions remarks
LD8 6.9 m ³ 153 x 244 cm same soil dimensions as the container variant; FQA prefix
LD11 7.2 m ³ 153 x 318 cm same soil dimensions as the container variant; FLA and PLA prefixes
(2 pallet variants)
10,6m ³
11,6m ³
224 x 318 cm
244 x 318 cm
PAG and P1P-Präfixe
PMC prefix

airplane compatibility

LD3s, LD6s and LD11s are suitable for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Boeing 747, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Lockheed L-1011 and all airbus of large-capacity aircraft. Boeing 767 due to its narrower trunk with LD2s and LD8s one loads. The less frequent LD1s was designed particularly for Boeing 747, but LD3s are used more frequently because of their Ubiquität in their place (she to have the same soil dimensions, therefore needs a LD3 equal much place as a LD1). LD7s become for Boeing 787, 777, 747, later models of the 767 (with the large door) and all airbuses used.

The exchange of certain ULDs between LD3/6/11 airplanes and LD2/8 airplanes is possible, if the freight must be conveyed fast to the next flight. LD2s and LD8s can be loaded both on LD3/6/11 of airplanes, but a large volume around loss develops.

ULD capacity

airplane loadings can of containers, pallets or a mixture of ULD types consist, depending upon simplicity. Down is a table with the maximum loading capacities of airplanes.

A airbus; B - Boeing; L - Lockheed; MD - McDonnell Douglas; F - Freighter; IT - extended rank var. ; LR - long rank var.
Airplane max. one. Container capacity max. one. Pallet capacity remarks
A380-800F 59-71 LD3s ? Air freighter, capacity contains all deck
A380-800 38 LD3s 13 pallets
B747-400F/ERF 32 LD1s (low deck) + 30 pallets (Hauptdeck) air freighter, capacity contains all deck
B747-400ER 28 LD1s 4 pallets + 14 LD1s
B747-400/300/200/100 30 LD1s 5 pallets + 14 LD1s
B777F 30 LD3s + 27 pallets 37 Paleten air freighter, capacity contains all deck
B777-300/300ER 44 LD3s 8 pallets + 20 LD3s
B777-200/200LR/ER 32 LD3s 6 pallets + 14 LD3s
A340-600 42 LD3s 14 pallets
A340-500 30 LD3s 10 pallets
A340-300 32 LD3s 11 pallets
A340-200 18 LD3s 6 pallets
MD-11 28-32 LD3s 4-6 pallets
L-1011-500 19 LD3s ?
L-1011 16 LD3s ? all series except 500 (250/200/150/100/50/1 series)
B787-9 26 LD3s 6 pallets + 8 LD3s
B787-8/-3 20 LD3s 5 pallets + 5 LD3s
A330-300 32 LD3s 11 pallets
A330-200 26 LD3s 8 pallets + 2 LD3s
B767-400ER 38 LD2s 5 pallets + 18 LD2s
B767-300F 30 LD2s (low deck) + 24 Paletten* (Hauptdeck) *nimmt only 88 " x 125 " pallets up; Air freighter
B767-300ER 30 LD2s 4 pallets + 14 LD2s
B767-300 30 LD2s no
B767-200 22 LD2s no
A300-600 22 LD3s 4 pallets + 10 LD3s
A300B2/B4 20 LD3s ?
A310 14 LD3s 3 pallets
B727-200F no 12 Paletten* *nur 88 " x 125 " pallets; the Boeing_727 is not a small aerospace plane
B727-200C (combination) 11 Paletten* *nur 88 " x 125 " pallets; the Boeing_727 is a small aerospace plane


all ULDs is identified with their ULD number. A three-letter prefix identifies its type to differentiate followed of a serial number from 4 or 5 numbers around it also from the same type to and ends with a 2-Zeichen-Suffix around the ULD owner to identify. For example AKN means 12345 DL that it concerns a LD3 with the serial number 12345 with the owner Delta Airlines.

frequent prefixes

  • AKN - LD3 container with fork-lift truck holes
  • AKE - LD2 container with fork-lift truck holes
  • DPE - LD2 container without holes AKC - LD1 container
  • without fork-lift truck holes ALF - LD6 container
  • without fork-lift truck holes DQF - LD8 container
  • with fork-lift truck holes FQA - LD8 pallet
  • (same soil dimensions as DQF )
  • AMP - LD9 container without fork-lift truck holes
  • ALP - LD11 container without fork-lift truck holes AKH, nuclear power plant -
  • LD3-45, mainly for A320/321 ,
  • basis resembles LD3 container without holes
  • RKN - LD3 container with cooling unit, directly as AKE DPN - as AKE, extensions at both pages
  • AMU - outlines similarly as ALF, but more deeply and with larger extensions.
  • FLA - LD11 pallet
  • PLA - LD11 pallet
  • PAG, P1P - LD7, large pallet (88 " x 125 "), corresponds palletizes LD9
  • PMC - 10 Ft pallet, large pallet (96 " x 125 ")
  • PGE - to 20 Ft pallet, only for 747 Hauptdeck

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