University of Haifa

Eschkol Tower

the University of Haifa (אוניברסיטתחיפה) is beside the Technion the second large university of the northIsraeli port Haifa.

The university was created in the year 1963 in the Israeli city Haifa; it has today about 13,000 students. The university is because of the southern local edge shark-chamfers at the back of the Karmelgebirges and thus at one of the highest points of the city. Of OSCAR the Niemeyer established, 30 floors high university University of “Eschkol Tower” is from many points of north Israel to be seen.

  • 1971 became for the first time M.A. To develop programs offered at three
  • departments 1978 Israel a Friends Association based around the university and build a Campus.
  • 1980 became the first Ph.D. Program establishes, in the psychology department.
  • 1991 were opened the first and only law faculty in northern Israel.

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