University of Innsbruck


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Year of the foundation 1669 (as University of)
place Innsbruck
studying 20,037 (winter semesters 2004)
- of it: Women: 51.6%/men: 48.4%
- Foreigner portion: 29%
courses of studies 107
faculties of 15
institutes 89
cooperating 2107 (inclusive Project places)
- Professor inside: 162
- Scientific cooperating: 1145
(conditions: Summer semester 2005)
Graduate 2601 (academic year 2003/04)
University type nationally
rector Univ. - Professor Dr. Manfried Gantner
postal address University of Innsbruck
Christoph rehearse place
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

The Leopold Franzens university Innsbruck exists as university since1669. It is today by far the largest educational establishment in Tirol and the full university of Austria third biggest after studying numbers (to Vienna and Graz).

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1562 became in Innsbrucka Jesuitengymnasium establishes. Financed by the Haller salt became a university by emperors Leopold I. 1669 with four faculties based. Intermediatetimely a Lyzeum reduced, taken place 1826 the reestablishment of the University of Innsbruck by emperors Franz I. In honoursboth establishment fathers leads the University of Innsbruck the designation “Leopold Franzens university Innsbruck”.

2005 became in the university library copies of letters of the Staufer - emperors Friedrich II. and Konrad IV. found. They are in 18. Century from the Kartause all angel mountain in Schnals afterInnsbruck arrives, when the monastery was waived.

faculty arrangement

the new organization chart, at the 1. October 2004 into force stepped, sets the allocation of six past into the following fifteen faculties:

The medical faculty became with 1. Jänner 2004 separated and forms now thoseindependent medical University of Innsbruck.


the buildings of the University of Innsbruck distribute themselves over the city, it are thus no “Campus - university ".

The most important locations are:

  • Theological faculty with that 1562 as Jesuitengymnasium and 1766 asUniversity of used buildings with the Jesuitenkirche with the Leopoldsaal of the old persons university
  • the 1924 open main building of the university library
  • 1969 opened buildings of the former scientific faculty and the building faculty in Hötting west
  • 1976? open construction unit “Geiwi tower” of the former spirit-scientific faculty, withMain building
  • of the 1997 opened to construction unit of as soon as faculty at the area of the former Fenner barracks
  • different university clinics and mechanisms of the medical university on the area of the animal oilers national hospitals

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