University of Stuttgart

the University of Stuttgart is a university in Stuttgart with strong adjustment on technical fan.

University of Stuttgart
rector: Professor. Dr. - engineer habil Dieter Fritsch
year of the foundation: 1829 (TH since 1876, university since 1967)
place: Stuttgart (German Federal Armed Forces)
courses of studies: 60
faculties: 10
Institutes: 140
registered students: 21.881 (WS04/05)
term contribution: 111.10
VVS - Ticket: 155.00
study fees: 0(Erststudium, within the average period of study plus 5 terms)
woman ratio: 37,5 %
coworkers: approx. 5000
coworkers scientific
of it:
Address: Keplerstr. 7
70149 Stuttgart
lecture-room V38.01
of student hostelsin Vaihingen
Studentenschaften um 1930
student shanks around 1930
Keplerstrasse 1 and 2 (C1/K2)

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the university the 'united material decreases/goes back - and vocational school 'in the year 1829 to the establishment. She celebrated thus in the year 2004 its 175-jähriges existence. According to the increasing meaning of the engineering sciences and the associated Akademisierung of the studiesbecame it 1876 the technical university. This received also the graduation right for technical disciplines to 1900. The development of the fields to the TH Stuttgart led 1967 to renaming in University of Stuttgart.

Since end of the 1950er years is a part of the Campus of the university in Stuttgart Vaihingen (nature and engineering sciences), while at the traditional place in the center of Stuttgart the spirit and social sciences as well as architecture are to be found.

engineering sciences

culture sciences

natural sciences

economics and social sciences

famous students

honour senators


  • faculty 1: Architecture and town planning
  • faculty 2: Building and environmental engineering sciences
  • faculty 3: Chemistry
  • faculty 4: Geo and life sciences
  • faculty 5: Computer science, electro-technology and information technology
  • faculty 6: Air and space technology and geodesy
  • faculty 7: Mechanical engineering
  • Faculty 8: Mathematics and physics
  • faculty 9: Philosophical-historical faculty
  • faculty 10: Economics and social sciences

of courses of studies

university library

branch Vaihingen

the university library Stuttgart has its head office since their establishment in the year 1829 in the city center of Stuttgart. Space scarceness led to a development of the university range in Stuttgart Vaihingen since 1957.For this reason is PRACTICE since this time split. In the meantime the largest part of the scientific and engineer-scientific institutes of the library is in the “branch” PRACTICES settled in Stuttgart Vaihingen. Architecture and Geisteswissenschaften as well as the restaurant and social sciences remained in the range city center. The library functionsas classical university library for engineer and natural sciences. For studying the spirit and social sciences this function takes over supplementing the Württembergi federal state library.

future offensive in

the summer 2003 there


current events [work on] larger protests of the studying, there the university University of a paper,the so-called. “Future offensive of the University of Stuttgart” submitted, in which from saving and bottoms of the tread grooves the abolishment of the spirit-scientific teaching profession courses of studies and some Professuren which are connected with it was aimed at. After the protests experienced a substantial medium echo in the local newspapers, planning was recalled, in February 2005 becamefinally decided to touch the teaching profession courses of studies up to a renewed evaluation 2010 not. One interspersed however among other things the locking of the institutes for geography as well as geology.

strikes against study fees

to 28. April 2005 became in the plenary assembly of the studying of the university a lecture boycottdecided, of 2. May up to 4. May took place. In this time alternative meetings took place as for example Podiumsdiskussioen and spontaneous demonstrations. The protest of a part of the studying is directed against the planned introduction of study fees. To 4. May 2005 found in thatStuttgart city center a large demonstration also over 8000 participants instead of, in which also the trade unions took part. A Campus WG was furnished as well as to 23.6. again one strike day inserted with a large demo in Stuttgart. The protest was continued over term holidays in the WG 05/06 and culminatesnow because of the first reading of the study fee law to 30.11. in a renewed country-wide large demonstration in Stuttgart. Also a Web log was furnished over the protest. To 30. November 2005 took place again a country-wide large demonstration against the introduction of general study fees. 8.000 studying and pupilspulled in two demonstration courses by the city. For this day the first reading of the new national Act concerning universities, in which also the study fees are contained, was planned. Since on this day however the soil in the federal state parliament had to be freshly gewachst, the reading became on that 1. Decembers 2005 shifted (according to Pressestelle of the federal state parliament). On the day, on which the study fee law was decided nevertheless, that 15.12. , again to a large demonstration called, which visits this time with only approx. 3000 participants substantially more badly, but however substantially more kämpferischer was. After the official demothere were so still road blockades, also it came to several arrests.


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