University of Vienna

University of Vienna
rector: George Winckler
year of the foundation: 1365
place: Vienna
courses of studies: 135
faculties: 17
registered students: 63.000 (2004/05)
coworkers: 7.100
coworkers scientific
of it:
address of the Rektorats: Dr. - Karl-lie-achieve 1
1010 Vienna
web page:
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the 1365 created University of Vienna is the oldest university in the today's German speaking and culture area. The first German university was the 1348 created Prager university. With 63.000 written studying and 7,100 coworkers it is considered as the largestUniversity in the German-speaking countries. It is a full university and counts more than 130 studies.

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the establishment document of the university became to 12. March 1365 of duke Rudolf IV. and its brothers Albrecht III. and Leopold III.. signed and therefore also “Alma mould Rudolphina” is called. It is after the university in Prague, that at that time to the holy one , The secondaryoldest university in the centralEuropean area and also the secondaryoldest German-language university belonged to Roman realm. Present main building between 1877 and 1884 of Heinrich of Ferstel at the Viennese struggle race built, before was that main building in the proximity of the room gate, at the Ignaz Seipel place,where also the old university church and the Austrian academy of the sciences are to be found. In the year 1897 women became for the first time as tidy listener inside certified, although first only at the philosophical faculty. The remaining faculties partly followed with substantial distance: 1900 the medical, 1919 the legal, 1923 the Evangelist-theological and in the year 1946 permitted finally also the catholic-theological faculty women as tidy listener inside. With the Romanistin Elise judge succeeded it eight years at the beginning of the woman study at the University of Vienna of the first woman, to habilitieren itself (1905), it became 1921 also the first extraordinary Professorin. Only after the Second World War the Physikerin Berta Karlik was appointed the first Ordinaria of the University of Vienna.

research and teachings

are approximately 63,000 studying at the University of Vienna at present in zirka 130Studies written, of it are 22 Bakkalaureats - and 27 Magisterstudien, the other diploma studies. The research work of the university becomes in sum of approx. 6,100 scientist inside and scientists carried. From these 6,100 persons are approx. 3,200 persons officials of the University of Vienna, approx. 900 persons are inProjects, which are financed over third means, actively. To the 6,100 scientist inside and belong to scientists also approx. 2.000 external trainingassigned, of which many likewise make their contribution to the research at the University of Vienna.

position of the University of Vienna in Austria and in Europe

In Time the Higher Education Supplement „World University Rankings 2005 “ of the outstanding English newspaper „The Time “occupies the University of Vienna the 65. Place world-wide, this corresponds to an improvement around 29 places opposite the Ranking of 2004. Within the European universities itself the university could Vienna von Platz 31 at place 19 improve. Remarkable also the specializedspecific placements are within „the World TOP 50 “in the range „of the Biomedicine “and in the range „of the Social Sciences “(inclusive Economic science): Within the range „of the Biomedicine “the university occupies Vienna in the year 2005 world-wide the 40.Place and within the range of the Social Sciences world-wide place 42. The University of Vienna is thereby in „the World University Rankings 2005 “the best evaluated university of Austria.

From 1365 to 1975 the University of Vienna (last beside further post office-secondary educational facilities such as universities and academies) was the only oneUniversity in Vienna, it is also today with 63.000 studying the largest university in Vienna. Main building at the struggle race is called main university. All Austrian universities are however on an equal footing.

Also after the 2004 creation of an own medical University of Vienna exists between the medical one University of Vienna on the one hand and subjects at the University of Vienna on the other hand a close co-operation; thus the max became F for example together. Perutz Laboratories GmbH based.


the scientific mechanisms of the University of Vienna distribute themselves on over 60 locations in Vienna. The centerhistorical main building at the Viennese struggle race ( coordinates
forms: 58° 12 ′ 46,6 " N, 16° 21 ′ 40 " O
58° 12 ′ 46,6 " N, 16° 21 ′ 40 " O). Here is the seat of the university line and most administrative mechanisms. A further spatial center forms nearconvenient Universitätscampus, in which a majority of the scientific mechanisms settled, and which new lecture-room center was established.

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360°x180° panorama photo of the Universitätscampus with view of the lecture-room center


Rector of the University of Vienna is at present George Winckler. The University of Vienna is arranged into several faculties and centers. In the context of the new university law 2004 the medical faculty was separated into the medical University of Vienna. Other faculties were also restructured; thus the scientific one becameFaculty into several small however specialized units divided.

faculties and centers

famous personalities

the following Nobelpreisträger taught at the university:

other famous scientists, who taught at the University of Vienna:

famous students of the University of Vienna:

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in “new institute building” (NIG) of the university is one the latter stillin enterprise of paternoster lift elevators present of Austria.

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