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the University OF California RK Berkeley (also admits as CAL, UCB, Berkeley or UC Berkeley) is distributed the oldest Campus of the University OF California, a system of national universities on ten locations, and is in Berkeley, California on the eastern bank San Francisco Bay.

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Sather Gate, ursprünglich der südliche Eingang zum Campus
sow ago gate, originally the southern entrance to the Campus
1866 the country, on which today the area of the university is, of the private college OF California, which in the year 1855 by the minister Henry Durant was already created, one acquired. From shortage of money however on Mining, and Mechanical was offered kind to college with the national Agricultural, which in such a way became sufficient financial means however no country the order to fuse a full university and to 23. March 1868 the University OF California with Durant as first president based. In the year 1869 the university in Oakland was opened and used first the buildings college of the OF California. 1873, after a part of the work on 1866 acquired Campus area were completed, took place the removal from Oakland to Berkeley.

The start time of the university was coined/shaped of financial difficulties and only with the 20-year old presidency time of Benjamin Ide Wheeler 1899 - 1919 took place a consolidation. In that time numerous of the most well-known buildings of the Berkeley Campus, for example the Hearst Greek Theatre, developed the Doe LIBRARY or that Tower, also as Campanile sow ago admit and the landmark of the UC Berkeley.

In the 30's 20. Century, under the presidency Robert Gordon Sprouls, began the golden age Berkeleys. It succeeded to lure numerous well-known scientists to the university. Particularly in the fields physics, chemistry and biology attained Berkeley world fame. To the most important research achievements the development of the cyclotron belongs to that time by Ernest O. Lawrence, which led to the discovery of numerous chemical elements like the berkelium or the Californium.

During 2. World war took part Berkeley radiation Laboratory, today as Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory (LBNL) well-known, under the direction of Ernest O. Lawrence at the development of the atom bomb. Robert Oppenheimer, since 1929 professor in Berkeley, was entrusted 1942 with the line of the Manhattan project.

Blick auf den Campus in Richtung Norden
View of the Campus toward the north
in the year 1949, during the McCarthy - era, required the university line of all at the University of person employed an anticommunist loyalty oath. Since itself some faculty members refused signing this oath it were suspended and only ten years later again rehabilitated. Since this time the signing of this loyalty oath remained obligating for all employees of the UC Berkeley.

Into the 1960er to years Berkeley was promoted to the tip of the spear of the student movement in the USA. When the radical civil rights activist received Malcolm X on the Campus speech prohibition and it was forbidden to all groups of students collecting on the Campus donations or taking politically position, the students concerned created the Free Speech Movement, which used itself for the liberty of the speech. In ever larger demonstrations one protested for free speech and against the war in Viet Nam. Student leaders such as Mario Savio, Jack vineyard or Reginald Zelnik became country-wide icons of the student protest. From Berkeley reached the protest wave finally also Europe and kulminierte finally in May 68 . Since that time Berkeley is considered as the most progressive marks Americas, as intellectual and cultural center, from Spöttern however as “People's Republic of OF Berkeley” (People's Republic of Berkeley) or “Berzerkeley” designates.

the Campus

San Francisco Bay grasping, ranks the Campus with a total area of scarcely 5km ² among the most beautiful in the country. Until today the rural charm of the start time could remain to a large extent received. A majority of the administrative and academic buildings concentrates on 72 hectars in the west of the Campus. There in the meantime a majority of the surface is blocked, so that the building of new universitärer buildings expands for quite some time since areas beyond the Campus. East the Hauptcampus are numerous, the University of attached, research establishments, like the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory, the Lawrence resound to OF Science and the Mathematical Sciences Research of institutes.

Doe Library
was sketched the Campus of Émile Bénard, which could decide a world-wide advertisement for itself. To integrate a majority of the drafts Bénards however only short time later amended by John Galen Howard around the buildings better into the geomorphologic conditions of the Campusgeländes. Howard was among other things responsible for the draft of the Doe LIBRARY, the Hearst Greek Theatre and the Memorial of stage


  • Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory
  • Lawrence resounds to OF Science
  • Mathematical Sciences Research of institutes
  • Cory resounds - the building of institute for electro-technology was a goal of two notices as Unabomber admits become former UCB Assistenzprofessors Ted Kaczynski
  • Botani garden
  • Herbarium
  • internationally House
  • Berkeley kind museum & Pacific film of archives
  • KALX radio - to Radio-Sender of the University of
  • Hearst Greek Theatre
  • Memorial stage - venue of the Heimspiele of the Cal Bears, the football - association of the university. Capacity: 73,347 seats
  • space Sciences lab ([1]), here astronomical research becomes and among other things also the SETI and SETI@home - project operated.

research & teachings

are written at present about 33,000 students and students at the university. 8 Nobelpreisträger, 2 falling DS winners, 3 Pulitzer winner, 16 national Medal OF Science - winners, 19 MacArthur scholarship holders, 87 Fulbright scholarship holders and 124 members that national Academy OF Sciences teach and research to the UC Berkeley. The university ranked, although it is a national university and you are available a by far smaller annual budget than the private competition in Stanford , Harvard or Princeton, in the top positions of the annually published Rankings. Thus it obtained the fourth place in the recognized Ranking of the Jiao Tong university in Shanghai in the year 2005 - behind Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford. In the Ranking to the US magazine US news and World report, which puts on something other criteria, Berkeley always is under the first 30.

The university offers almost 300 courses of studies and more than 7000 training meetings. Each year make approx. 8500 students a conclusion. More than 30 libraries of the university with altogether approx. 9,2 million volumes are the third biggest library system of the country.

production of artificial elements

Berkeley is an important place of nuclear research. In Berkeley by particle accelerators numerous chemical elements were synthesized for the first time, like americium, curium, berkelium, nobelium and lawrencium.

The element with the ordinal number 97 was designated to Berkeley (berkelium).



  1. Clark Kerr (1952-1958)
  2. Glenn T. Seaborg (1958-1961)
  3. Edward W. Strong (1961-1965)
  4. Martin E. Meyerson (1965)
  5. Roger W. Heyns (1965-1971)
  6. Albert H. Bowker (1971-1980)
  7. Irish Republican Army Michael Heyman (1980-1990)
  8. Chang Lin Tien (1990-1997)
  9. Robert M. Berdahl (1997-2004)
  10. Robert J. Birgeneau (2004 -)


over 130 institutes and mechanisms of the UC Berkeley are accommodated in 14 faculties:

Haas Schools of Business
Haas Schools OF Business
  • Haas School OF Business
  • college OF Chemistry
  • Graduate School OF Education
  • college OF engineering
  • college OF Environmenal Design
  • School OF information management and of system
  • Graduate School OF Journalism
  • Law School (to Boalt resound)
  • college OF Letters and Science
  • college OF Natural Resources
  • School OF Optometry
  • School OF publicly Health
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations & Rhoda Goldman School OF publicly Policy
  • School OF Social Welfare

numbers and facts

  • students: 33.076 (2003)
  • personnel: 21.063 (2003)
    • places scientific of it: 8.245 (2003)
  • budget: $ 1.416.149.000 (2003)
  • study fees (per term for 2004/2005)
    • residence: $ 3,364, 95
    • Non residence: $ 11,842,

acquaintance personalities


Parkplatz reserviert für Nobelpreisträger
parking lot reserves for Nobelpreisträger

at present at the university actively

no more at the university actively and/or. deceased

further ones famous graduates and employees of the University of



Dilbert inventor Scott Adam, Leonard Adleman, the float matt Biondi, the mathematician and Field winner smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Borcherds, the SF-author Philip K. Thickly, the Ethnologe and Folklorist Alan Dundes, the writer Jack London, the astronomer and hacker hunter Clifford Stoll, the actors Gregory Peck and Stacy Keach, the basketball player Jason Kidd, Professor. Peter Marcuse as well as Robert McNamara, Dean Rusk, the physicists Edward plate and Robert Oppenheimer, Earl Warren, Apple Developer Steve Wozniak, Gordon of moorlands, Bill Joy, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, the Amiga inventor Jay Miner, Ken Thompson, Douglas C. Angel beard, Gerhard Roth (biologist), NIC louse Wirth, and Haakon Magnus (Crown Prince of Norway), the TV-moderator Gert Scobel, that RWSby Defari.

see also


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