University OF Georgia

the University OF Georgia with seat in Athens is the oldest national university of the USA.

It was created to 27. January 1785. First president of the university the well-known politician and US senator trained by Georgia Abraham Baldwin from Conneticut, in Yale. It is one of two guidance personalities of the University OF Georgia, which the condition of the USA with signatory. Second is William Few.

The actual mechanism of the university took place 1801, after the appropriate country on the bank of the Oconee River had been selected. The first building was designated first after Benjamin Franklin “Franklin college ” and is meanwhile well-known as “old college ”. The first class student made its conclusion for 1804.

Since 1843 apart from the “classical” subjects of instruction (English, history, natural sciences) also jurisprudence one teaches. Since 1872 gitb it courses in agriculture and mechanics. Altogether the university has 14 “colleges” and “Schools”:

  • Franklin college OF kind and Sciences - since 1801,
  • college OF Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - since 1859,
  • School OF Law - since 1859,
  • college OF Pharmacy - since 1903,
  • D.B. Warnell School OF Forest Resources - since 1906,
  • college OF Education - since 1908,
  • Graduate School - since 1910,
  • C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry college OF Business - since 1912,
  • Henry W. Grady college OF Journalism and measure of Communication - since 1915,
  • college OF Family and Consumer Sciences - since 1933,
  • college OF Veterinary Medicine - since 1946,
  • School OF Social Work - since 1964,
  • college OF Environment and Design since 1969,
  • School OF public and internationally Affairs - since 2001.

Today the University OF Georgia has about 34,000 students, 2,794 lecturers, an annual budget of approx. 1,2 billion US$ and distributes itself on altogether 327 buildings.

Admitted personalities, that received their training here, are among other things: Robert Benham, the first black judge at the Georgia supreme Court, the senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, A.D. “Pete” Correll, chairman of the board of Georgia-Pacific Corp., the Foreign Minister of Georgia Cathy Cox, the chairman Richter of the Georgia State supreme Court Norman Fletcher, Robert McTeer, chancellor that Texas A&M University of, Pat Mitchell, president publicly of the Broadcasting service, the Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue and the deputy Governor of Georgia, Mark of Taylor

the university coins/shapes the city of Athens both culturally and politically and contributes to the flourishing music scene of the city. Thus for example the members of the group of R.E.M. learned themselves . while their time as students of the University know OF Georgia.

Since 1931 is all national universities in Georgia under the roof of the University system OF Georgia united, which is administered by the board OF Regents.


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