University OF Southern California

University OF Southern California

slogan< /th>Palmam qui meruit ferat< /td>< /tr>
Establishment< /th> 6. October 1880< /td>< /tr>
School type< /th> Privately< /td>< /tr>
President< /th> Stephen SAM-polarizes< /td>< /tr>
Place< /th> Los Angeles, California, the USA< /td>< /tr>
Campus< /th> Urban, (2,8 km ²)< /td>< /tr>
Sport one shank< /th> Trojans< /td>< /tr>
Web page< /th>< /td>< /tr>

</div> </div> The University OF Southern California - admits also under the contraction USC - is the oldest private university in south California. It has its seat in Los Angeles.

The university was created in the year 1880. One began the training enterprise with 10 lecturers and 53 students. The first conclusion class in the year 1884 consisted of three students, two men and a woman.

The training offer of the USC was extended, in the start time was constantly added nearly each year a new faculty , then the specialist area music (1884), the specialist area medicine (1885) and the specialist area art developed (1887).

Since these initial years the university constantly grew. Numerous specialist areas were added - the USC employs today approx. 3,000 full time instructors - and the student numbers rose to today approx. 32,000 students.

During the Second World War Ludwig Marcuse taught here German literature and philosophy.

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