University OF Toronto

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University OF Toronto
rector: David Peterson
year of the foundation: 1827
place: Toronto (Canada)
faculties: 15
studying registered: 59.000 (TT.MM.JJJJ)
coworkers: 11000
hard House of the University OF Toronto.

The University OF Toronto in Toronto is considered to the world as of Canada the largest University of, one top twenty. It was created in the year 1827 and has approximately 59,000 full time students as well as about 11,000 persons employed.

The university has a budget of approx. 1,1 billion dollar annually. The university library possesses over 15 million media and belongs thus to the four largest research libraries in North America.

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faculties and courses of studies

the university divides itself into several faculties , which are led directly from the university and a different degree at autonomy to have.


to 15. March 1827 under the name King's college RK York effected establishment initierte the anglikanische bishop von Toronto John Strachan (1778 - 1867). First the mechanism was oriented, the religious neutrality in the year 1848 was introduced anglikanisch. The university received the name University OF Toronto in the year 1849.

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