of malnutrition (English: malnutrition) one speaks, if humans take fewer calories on the day to itself than he on the day used up. With an adult humans this work conversion amounts to about 9000 Kilo joules. In the third world the power consumption lies with approx. 6400 Kilo joules.The exact work conversion depends however on size, sex, age and activity of humans. Also the climate plays a role.

With malnutrition usually wrongly and lack nutrition accompany . These are caused by protein - and lack of nutrient. Consequences of the malnutrition are among other things Marasmus, Kwashiorkor or Marasmi Kwashiorkor. It comes usually to an attenuation of the internal organs, including the heart circulation system as well as the immune system. Thus it comes usually with children to deadly infections.

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malnutrition in poor countries

Staaten mit über 20 % Anteil an unterernährten Menschen an der Gesamtbevölkerung
states also over 20% portion of underfed humans of the total population

malnutrition arises particularly in poorer regions of the world. But a bundle of causes is possible, under it:

Usually several cooperate such causes. Particularly in the third world in such a way specified some these problems are very strongly common. According to estimations of relief organizations like the world hunger assistance there daily about 5.000 diesChildren and up to 20.000 humans at the direct and indirect consequences of the malnutrition. An exact containment of the exact causes of death is not however not possible, there authorities collections in addition makes and also infections, immune weakness and other one - actually avoidable - consequences a role play.The malnutrition often is from all members in the concatenation from pauperization at most acute.


the coworkers of the relief organization of physicians without borders use, particularly with children under five years, to the rapid diagnosis of malnutrition the “nourishing volume in such a way specified”, alsothat one measures the upper arm extent. If this is below 12.5 centimeters, then it concerns a case of Unternährung, and the child is accepted to an emergency nourishing center.

malnutrition in rich countries

comes here malnutrition in the course of diseases such as anorexia nervosa or Bulimieforwards. She is also consciously caused rarely, for example with hunger strikes of prisoners.

Although malnutrition from actual food shortage is so far rare in the rich industrialized countries, the shears between arm and realm and the portion of families with an income have themselves below the social welfare assistance level alsohere in the last 20 years ever more increases. Therefore isolate cases of malnutrition are in connection with safe-keeping draw to find child abusing and criminality. Also homeless people suffer frequently from malnutrition.

Also in homes for the elderly and nursing homes it partly comes to malnutrition, because there frequently too few Male nurses are employed.


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