NCO designates a career, a grade category in addition, a rank in most armies.

Also at organizations, which are military-similarly structured, one calls certain ranks NCO, for example at the fire-brigade.

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of NCOs divided into NCOs in the troop service and NCOs in the specialty service. NCOs organize the expiration of a military unit. They kommandieren subunits (groups, courses).

The NCO ranks become from historical reasons into NCOs without Portepee and NCOswith Portepee partitions. The Portepee was in former armies a Troddel, which was attached at the side weapon and was carried only by NCOs starting from sergeant.

NCOs can give crews of instructions within the borders set by the superior regulation ( VorgV).

NCOs with Portepee become in SwissArmy as higher NCOs designates.

grade category

the grade category of the NCOs covers the NCOs without Portepee (NCOs/junior sergeants and Fahnenjunker of the German German Federal Armed Forces at army and Air Force and/or. Leading seaman/upper leading seaman and sea-cadet at the navy). The grade category of the NCOs with Portepee covers the sergeants (sergeants,Upper, main, staff as well as upper Csm and the wo1s/cw2 at army and Air Force and/or. Bootsmann, upper, main, staff as well as Oberstabsbootsman and wo1s/cw2 to sea at the navy).


NCO designates the lowest NCO rank with the German German Federal Armed Forces. At the German navy this is calledRank leading seaman. Belonging one of the group of careers of the officers go through this rank as Fahnenjunker (army, Air Force) and/or. Sea-cadet (navy).

In the Prussian army the designation NCO replaced the designation Korporal starting from 1856.

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lasts uniform [

work on] training and load badge the training as the NCO to the sergeant recently only three years with the German Federal Armed Forces(so far four years). As registration numbers of their sergeant candidate status the crews and NCOs carry a altgoldfarbene braid, which corresponds to the well-known silver braid of cadets in its design and is also exactly the same carried as far as the appointment as the sergeant. This altgoldfarbene braid becomes starting from sergeant at the collar of the service uniformcarried.

The training of the NCOs took place in former times in NCO schools , which every now and then also an NCO preparatory school was attached.

historical ranks of the NCOs

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