an update /ˈʌpˌdeɪt/(English updates = actualization - „on the newest conditions bring “) refers generally to a product or a certain thing. The actualization for example a videotex side is called update. An update participatesnever independently, i.e. it is useless without a basic version already existing.


a software update designates the new version of base software, which corrects lack of program or contains smaller program improvements. Updates become in electronic form, z. B. as „service release “made available. They are characterized by a change „of the Build number “.

Important also updates are in the form of Sicherheitspatches so mentioned, which ensure that safety gaps are closed. It is important that well-known safety gaps are plugged as early as possible.Particularly with a new installation by Windows it is to be installed therefore importantly the updates, before the computer first connects itself time with the Internet, e.g. in which one uses an unsupervised installation.

Updates normally become from the respective Software operators or Distributoren given change and can be depending upon purpose and operating system liable to pay the costs or free.

Updates of safety software, like virus protection or Firewall, serve generally for it, z. B. to improve the Erkennungsrate of the software. Sometimes an update serves alsoto increasing the remark speed of a program.

Updates contain rarely new functions, and if then these are not of central importance for the respective program. For new, important or extensive functions a Upgrade must be accomplished.

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