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Wappen von Uplengen Deutschlandkarte, Position von Uplengen hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Empty
geographical situation: 53° 16 ' N, 7° 45 ' O
height: 6 m and. NN
surface: 149 km ²
inhabitants: 11.355 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 76 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 26670
preselection: 0 49 56/0 44 89
Kfz characteristics: LER
municipality key: 03 4 57 020
city arrangement: 19 localities
of the city administration:
Old post office way 113
26670 Uplengen
official Website: www.uplengen.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Hard TIG Aden (CDU)

Uplengen is a municipality in the district empty in East Frisia, Lower Saxony. With 149 square kilometers it is the surface-largest municipality in the district.

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geographical situation

of Uplengen lies in the northeast of the district empty in the historical landscape Lengenerland.


a majority of the Gemeindegebiets consists of moorland surfaces, which reflects itself also in the settlement, approximately in the Fehnsiedlungen.

neighbour municipalities

the municipality Uplengen Hesel and Jümme, in the north on the city pointing moorland and the municipality peace castle, border in the east on the municipality Zetel and in the south on the municipality Apen and the city Westerstede in the west on the integrated municipalities.

city arrangement

the municipality Uplengen is a unit municipality with 19 localities:

  • Remels (administrative seat)
  • Neufirrel
  • new village
  • large old village
  • small old village
  • Oltmannsfehn
  • Poghausen
  • Spols
  • pile
  • Meinersfehn
  • Bühren
  • largeother
  • smallother
  • Jübberde
  • small Remels
  • hells
  • Nordgeorgsfehn
  • Südgeorgsfehn
  • Selverde


Uplengen belonged up to 31. December 2004 to the governmental district Weser Ems, which in consequence of an administrative reform upon expiration of this date one dissolved.


the allocation of population after denominations.


local council

the 27 seats of the local council distributes itself as follows:

(conditions: Local election to 9. September 2001)


of full-time mayors is hard TIG Aden of the CDU.

culture and objects of interest

of Naturdenkmäler

more than 1000 hectares of the municipality stand under nature protection. The four protected areas are in particular the Stapeler moorland, new villages moorland, the Lengener sea and and the hell sand.

economics and infrastructure


the motorway A 28 with the connection Apen/Remels cross the municipality in the south on a length of approx. 10.5 km.

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