spoken in: India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Tadschikistan, Usbekistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Europe, Canada, the USA
speakers: 150-200 million
official status
office language in: Pakistan, India
language code
ISO 639 -1: ur
ISO 639 -2: urd

Urdu (اردو) is a indogermanische language, in 13. Century developed.

Urdu is office language in Pakistan, although only one population minority often million Urdu as native language speaks. It serves as lingua franca between the individual state languages. In India it is one of the 23 officially recognized languages. Is world-wide Urdu the native language of 58 million humans. With secondarylanguagelearn to speak 150-200 million humansUrdu.

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relationship between Urdu and Hindi

during the Hindi more frequently on Sanskrit vokabeln falls back, is the Urdu far more from the Persian one and/or the Arab one affected. These differences do not cause however with maintenances of the daily life important communication problems.

Urdu spoken of substantial population parts in:


Urdu uses a variant of the Persian alphabet, which is again a variant of the Arabic alphabet.

Alphabet name discussion
ا Alif A
ب Bay b
پ Pay p
ت Tay t (plosiver Dental)
ٹ Ttay T
ث Say s
ج Jeem j
چ Chay CH
ح Hay h
خ Khay Kh
د Daal D (plosiver Dental)
ڈ Ddaal D
ذ Zaal z
ر Ray r
ڑ Arrhay tongue r
ز Zay z
ژ Dzhay Y
س lakes s
ش Sheen sports club
ص Suad s
ض Zuad z
ط Toay t
ظ Zoay z
ع Aein e
غ Ghain Zäpfchen r
ف Fay f
ق Qaaf q
ک Kaaf k
گ Gaaf g
ل Laam l
م Meem m
ن Noon n
و Wow w
ہ/ھ Hay h
ء Hamzah being correct paragraph
ی Choti Yay y
ے Bari Yay y

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