under Urheimat one understands that, by linguistic methods opened, probable area, in which a certain common prototype of a language family was spoken.

Since one can open prototypes on differently levels, there is also temporally sequential “Urheimaten”. Thus today some linguists see the region norththe black sea as the Urheimat of the Indogermanen (Indoeuropäer) on, south Scandinavia, Denmark and Northern Germany however as the Urheimat of the “pro ton Teutons”. Urheimat of the indogermanischen “Proto Slawen” should be the Pripjet sumps (between Poland, white Russia and Ukraine).

Besides the Arab peninsula becomes as Urheimat of all Semiten, central Asia asUrheimat of all Turkvölker outstandingly. Central Asia however became also as alternative Urheimat of the Indogermanen and/or. Arier assumes. For all there however still no indisputable proofs are these localizations.

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