Ursula Herking

Ursula Herking (i.e. Ursula Natalia small) (* 28. January 1912 in Dessau; † 17. November 1974 in Munich) was a German actress.

personal record

apart from their large successes as an actress and. A. “Kabarett of the KomikerErich Kästner 1934, belonged their love to the Kabarett. It played among other things in the Katakombe of Werner Finck, with Erich Kästner in the Schaubude.

With Wolfgang Neuss and Wolfgang Mueller created it the “Nürnberger funnel”. Despite the simultaneous theatre and film success it pulled it again and again to the Kabarett, thus to 1958 to “residents of Munich the laughter and shooting company “. Further stations were and. A. the “Kom (m) ödchen “in Duesseldorf.

Not only in the Kabarett, but also as Diseuse it made itself a name. Among other things it is on the record: To hear “Frivolitäten - 10 Diseusen - 10 chansons” from Polydor to.

Their a star dedicated in mill OF Fame of the Kabaretts.


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