Ursula Wyss

Ursula Wyss (* 8. February 1973 in Davos) is Swiss a politician (FR). It is Nationalrätin and vice-president of the FR Switzerland.

Ursula Wyss is Doktorin of the economic science of the University of Berne. It lives together with its son in Berne.


Wyss sat in the years 1997 to 1999 in the bernischen large advice. 1999 were selected it into the national council. From the outset it began for an ecological policy, engaged themselves in addition, in the education politics and for a fair globalization.

Wyss is member of the commission for environment, space planning and energy UREK and the national political commission SPK.

2004 were selected Ursula Wyss to the vice-president of the FR Switzerland. Besides it sits in the executive committee that Bernese section traffic club of Switzerland (VCS).

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