a jungle is a nature-left, i.e. without forest-economical or others the ecological equilibrium affecting human interferences grown forest. In Germany there are not such completely unaffected forest areas any longer, jungle-similarly is among other things the beech forest on the Hainich in Thuringia and in the hessian cellar forest as well as the Kiefern - booking mixed woodland on the peninsula Darss in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Urwald im Orjen-Gebirge. Unterhalb der Gipfel von Zubački kabao und Vučji zub von der Velika Jastrebica im Gletschertal Dobri do stehen 45 m hohe Buchen
Jungle in the Orjen mountains. Underneath the summits of Zubački kabao and Vučji zub of the Velika Jastrebica in the glacier valley Dobri DO stand for 45 m high beeches

the substantially absent-minded Urwaldrelikte in Germany take oneTotal area of 14.500 hectars (1.3% of the forest surface). 46.5% of it are supposed mountain spruce forests - the most connected part; 23.3% mountain mixed woodlands from fir, spruce, beech; 13.1% pure beech forest companies; 2.8% booking oaks - forest companies (originally in the flat and hill country the prevailing - in competition tohuman settling); 4.8% oak forest - vegetation companies (inclusive Auwälder from soft deciduous tree< /p> kinds and Erlen breaks - only after channel regulation/drainage settlement-suited).

The last really wide jungle of the potentially natural forest company for far parts of Europe, going beyond Relikte , is at the eastern edge of the beech area between Elburs mountains and Kaspi sea: 300,000 hectars of 2.000.000 hectars in Iran were called still 1998 “unaffected”. In addition large parts of the Dinari mountain forests are considered to Montenegro as jungles under those the national parks Perucica in Bosnia as well as Biogradska gora, with spruces high up to 63 mand 60 m high firs also the highest trees in Europe save. A further important jungle area is besides in the mediterranen Orjen where also rare forest companies like the Dinari Karst Blockhalden Tannenwald as well as Schlangenhaut Kiefer - rock forests arise.

A further jungle-similar forest in Europe is in the Białowieża national park between Poland and white Russia and in the protected area Fiby in close proximity to Uppsala in Sweden.

Larger, to a large extent unaffected jungle areas there are still in parts of Canada and Sibiriens (taiga) as well as in parts of the perpetually damp Tropics (tropical rain forest).

Colloquially one understands by junglealso the tropical rain forest.

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