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of Uschi glass (* 2. March 1944 in Landau to the Isar; actually Helga Ursula glass; verh. Helga Ursula glass Tewaag, 1980 - 2003) are a German actress.

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admit became Uschi glass of 1968 by their role as Barbara in the feature to the thing, Schätzchen. It was first part of the 68er - generation. But already at the beginning of the 1970er years showed up glass a change of mind, as it politically Franz Josef bunch and that CSU close standing showed and this very day from their conservative convicition no secret makes.

But not only because of their successes as an actress, but also by always new messages from their private life Uschi glass held itself into the recent time in the public discussion: ThoseDiscussions led marriage crisis with her ex married man Bernd Tewaag, a donation over 10.000 DM to Helmut Kohl, which with it in the black money affair the damage of the CDU to adjust tried, and not least their generous photos, which the magazine MAX of 2003 published, again and again to controversiesaround their person.

At the beginning of of 2004 published Uschi glass their autobiography with a smile.

In April 2004 Uschi glass turned out due to one of it marketed Kosmetikserie into the headlines: With a practice test of the donation goods test very close Face were with several tester inside the Uschi glassCream, which will angepriesen on the television by the Homeshoppingsender HSE24, provoking and inflammations of the face skin arisen. The donation judged thereupon the cream with unsatisfactory and warned of application. The regional court Berlin knows a complaint of the manufacturing firm 4S-Marketing GmbH in April 2005 against thosefurther spreading of the test result off.

It lost a further law case, than it sued the citizens of Berlin police, because this was to have used their data for determinations within the range of the Internet Pornografie. The officials would have allegedly the number of their identity card, which had been printed in a magazine,used, in order to examine the protection of children and young people mechanism of a such side. The complaint over 20.000 euro smart money was rejected in June 2005.


with her first man Bernd Tewaag has glass of three common children. Daughter Julia Tewaag is likewise active as an actress. Son Benjamin Tewaag is moderator (and. A. Freak show, MTV) and dips from time to time in the boulevard press on (to headlines like „Disco Prügelei “). The moreover one glass and Tewaag have a second son, Alexander Christoph Tewaag.

To 23. October 2005 married glass her life companion DieterHermann. Glass and Hermann had learned themselves to know in the year 2004 with a gulf tournament.



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