municipality Utrecht
Flagge der Gemeinde Utrecht Wappen der Gemeinde Utrecht
(Flag of Utrecht) (coat of arms of Utrecht)
Lage der Gemeinde Utrecht in den Niederlanden
province Utrecht
Sitz of the municipality Utrecht
- country
- water
99.32 km ²
96.35 km ²
2.97 km ²

- population density

2,917 Einwohner/km ²
coordinates: 52° 5 ′ 20 " N,5° 6 ′ 56 " O
52° 5 ′ 20 " N, 5° 6 ′ 56 " O
important traffic route a2, A12, A27
preselection 030
postal zip codes 3500 - 3599
official Website www.utrecht.nl

the Netherlands municipality Utrecht /ˈyːtrɛxt/is the capital that Province Utrecht. At the 1. June 2005 amounted to the number of inhabitants 277.426. The city is very central convenient in the Netherlands, therefore also a special meaning for Fernverbindungen is attached to its station. Utrecht has a University of (Universiteit Utrecht),a college of music (Conservatorium) and a professional school (Hogeschool). The city is seat both a Roman-catholic and a old-catholic archbishop.

West the city, all around the village Vleuten, is a large new building quarter “Leid Rijn” in the building. Ita shelter is to be finished offer around 2015 and 100,000 humans.

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objects of interest

  • Utrechter cathedral, one the most importantChurches and the only cathedral church of the Netherlands, whose central ship collapsed 1674 by an gale; since that time free standing church tower is the highest of the country with 112.5 meters; it has a Hemony - bell play from that 17. Century
Der Turm des Doms
the tower of the cathedral
Mahnmal in der Nähe des Doms, welches an den Zweiten Weltkrieg erinnern soll.
memorialin the proximity of the cathedral, which is to remind of the Second World War.
  • further old churches, among other things the Jans, pc. Petri, Nikolai, Jacobi, Geerte = Gertrudiskirche
  • some old houses and city locks, above all Paushuize (1517) where the Pope Hadrian VI.lived, and house Oudaen (around 1300)
  • university University of
  • Netherlands railway museum (Spoorwegmuseum)
  • Catharijneconvent, important museum for religion history; the city is in
  • the former Katharinenkloster museum Van Speelklok dead Pierement (
  • play clocks) central museum (old and modern art, 2002
  • renewed), as university town, many taverns and restaurant
  • the music center Vredenburg has
  • the stadium “Galgenwaard” at the east edge of the city, where the professional soccer association fiber plastic Utrecht plays.


in the year 48 n. Chr. there were those in this situation, muchfavorable is, because some small rivers accumulate here, already a Roman settlement, which was called possibly Traiectum („river crossing “). Around 690 the holy Willibrord established a mission here. For the buildings the Roman ruins were reused.

The place got the name:Ultra Traiectum, uut Trecht („outside of Trajectums “), compares Netherlands uit („out “).

In 12. Century became Utrecht a ummauerte city. As bishop seat it from greatest importance and the city were rich therefore at medieval churches. In 1559 Utrecht seat became oneOre diocese. In the year 1576 the city came into rebellion (see: Eighty-year old war) against the Spaniards, and the citadel Vredenburg was taken (later geschleift; the rubble was reused for other buildings). In the year 1579 the catholic archbishop had afterthe Utrechter union leave Protestant city become; only 1853 became Utrecht again seat of a Roman-catholic archbishop, after Utrecht exhibited up to then alone a old-catholic archbishop. In the year 1636 the university was created. The city lost then temporarily meaning, grewbut again strongly after it in 19. Century of rail connections received. Utrecht is today the fourth largest city of the Netherlands. In the west, ring around the former independent village Vleuten, a large new building quarter, is Leid Rijn, in the building.


The Oudegracht, the forward channel in the old part of town of Utrecht

the city has a versatile industry; more importantly however is the service range. Many insurance companies, some small banks, many institutions like the trade unions of the Netherlands as well as the Netherlands railway company LV (= Nederlandse Spoorwegen) have their head office in Utrecht. The city is the most important railway junction of the Netherlands. Also the Merwedekanaal and its Erweitetung in the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal help considerably to strengthen the economical central office Utrecht. 1916 became the Jaarbeurs, thoseUtrechter fair based. The university has its most buildings in the university University of “De Uithof”, at the southeast edge of the city, at the motorway direction De Bilt and Arnheim. Several motorways cross close of the city. The airport Schiphol is only about 40Kilometer removes.


sons and daughters of the city


the University of Utrecht, the largest of the Netherlands, has beside a number of historical buildings in the old part of town an expanded,architecturally meaning Campus in the east of the city:De Uithof.

There is an address Holland of the Casino in Utrecht.

To 8. September 2003 became in a suburb of Utrecht with tree work a 45 meter high transmitting pole pleases by mistake.

InUtrecht was sketched the so-called Utrechter model, which illegal prostitution was to protect against criminal encroachments.

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