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Wappen von Uttwil
base data
canton: Thurgau
district: Arbon
BFS NR.: 4451
postal code: 8592
coordinates: 47° 35 ' n. Break.
9° 21 ' o. L.
Height: 419 m and. M.
Surface: 4,3 km ²
inhabitants: 1500 (31. December 2005)
Website: www.uttwil.ch
Karte von Uttwil

Uttwil is a municipality in Swiss canton Thurgau and lies in the district Arbon. Uttwil has well 1 of ' 500 inhabitants and 700 households and is on a surface of 437 hectars (about which 48 hectars construction site, 236 hectars of meadow and field, 120 hectars forest, 8,5 hectars of waters and 24,5 hectars of course, roads and ways are).


Uttwil lies at the Bodensee, between novel horn and Konstanz. The neighbour municipalities are novel horn, Kesswil and Dozwil, whereby Uttwil maintains last both with the common upper stage.


to 4. June 817 was mentioned Uttwil the first time, in the emperor document, together with Kesswil, land battle, Zihlschlacht and yeast yards. In the Dorfe an aristocracy sex already established itself, which called itself “from Uttwil”, but in 13. Century had actually brought the Münsterlingen beside yards and tenth certain Vogteirechte to pin in Uttwil, and 1413 succeeded to that pins the acquisition of the two Vogteien with the low jurisdiction over Uttwil and the aristocracy sex had disappeared.

In the year 1644 the spectacular “Uttwiler trade “occurred here, with which the Uttwiler despite objections of catholic places the old pc. Adelheidskapelle down-tore, in order to extend their church. Afterwards condemned to a fine, which it could not pay, them Zurich jumped and gave to the Uttwilern twelve hundred guldens. Only in last hour a civil war could be avoided in the year 1651, in which itself Zurich got ready to to pull for the innocent village the sword.

In the second half 18. Century became Uttwil by the spirit of enterprise of the Dölli at expense of Konstanz and Rorschach the main place of transshipment for grain and salt from Germany. Their ships brought the goods over the lake and to Zurich, Berne and Geneva were continued to carry. At wealth, built it arrives to the Ausmündung of the village brook stately houses; the house “Margrit”, the house “sense of glad” at the novel horn first race, re-designed now to a restaurant, as well as the today's “bath Uttwil” and the “lock Uttwil”.

The Dölli with its monopoly on salt and grain did not only bring prosperity after Uttwil, also iron and coppersmiths, webers and Gerber, even a Goldschmied did its work and a book shop had been opened here. Many ships ran daily into the port from Uttwil in and out and later ran also steam boats from the pile and to 1855 took them here an important on position. But when the railways full-led their triumphant advance and novel horn was selected as terminator point of the distance from Zurich, the meaning of the place and it shrank sank again into the contemplative existence of quiet Fischer and farmer village back.

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