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Frida statue in Vänersborg (see Birger Sjöberg)

Vänersborg (German Wenersburg becomes outdated) is the capital of the region Västra Götaland and lies in the Swedish province Västra Götalands län and the historical province Västergötland. It is to about 85 km because of the southern end of the lake Vänern , where the Göta leaves älv the lake, northeast from Göteborg, the province capital. Vänersborg has 22,669 inhabitants (2004) and is the principal place of the municipality Vänersborg. The city is called „small Paris “. This Kosenamen it owes to the well-known poet and singer Birger Sjöberg, which originates from the city. He found that Vänersborg resembles the French capital, and wrote therefore of it in his songs.

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Vänersborg is because of the place of an older settlement, which was renamed in connection with the award of the city privileges 1644 in Vänersborg. The city was not only an important commercial town but also bordering and garrison town, which controlled and protected the connection of the trade route along the Göta älv with the Vänern. Them became in the wars 17. Century several times occupies and destroys.

1690 became Vänersborg Residenzstadt of the province Älvsborgs län, which came up 1998 in the new province Västra Götalands län.

Around 1800 Vänersborg with approximately 1,500 inhabitants was a medium sized city, grew however after the opening of the Trollhätte channel and the Göta channel strongly. In 20. Century developed the city to an important service center for the region, while the close convenient Trollhättan transferred the prominent role in the industriellen sector.


the plant of the city followed the regular, chessboard-like sketch 17. Century. After a large fire 1834 the central part was converted into a Esplanade, because of which the large public buildings, under it residence, church and museum, were. The land development of the city centre originates from the second half 19. Century or later, since only few buildings got over the city fire.


Vänersborg is an important administrative centre, since a part of the Provinzialverwaltung as well as the administration of the Provinziallandtages also today still in the city are. It is simultaneous an important traffic junction, both for the inland waterway craft travel as well as and junction for the railway and the road system. South the airport Vänersborg Trollhättan is appropriate for the city.

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