Vénuste Niyongabo

Vénuste Niyongabo (* 9. December 1973 in Vugizo) is an athlete from Burundi. In the year 1996 he became olympia winner over 5000 meters, although he had before completed a running only twice over this distance.

Niyongabo, which belongs to the trunk of the Tutsi, made for the first time 1992 on itself attentive, when he won silver medal in the 1500-Meter-Rennen with the junior world championship. With the athlete IC world championship 1993 in Stuttgart it already separated over 1500 meters in halffinal. Niyongabo became one the best 1500-Meter-Läufer and won 1994 and/or. 1995 several important running. At the athlete IC world championship 1995 in Göteborg it won the bronze medal, behind Noureddine Morceli and Hicham El Guerrouj.

Before the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta Niyongabo was considered as one of the favorites over 1500 meters, but he left his starting point to its compatriot and coach Dieudonné Kwizera. Kwizera had not been able to participate 1988 and 1992, because Burundi did not possess a national olympic committee at that time. Both profited from this decision: Kwizera was allowed to finally participate and Niyongabo won completely surprisingly the 5000-Meter-Rennen, after he had all competitors in the last round suspended.

In the years following on it Niyongabo numerous injuries out couriers had to never reach and could more its earlier Leistungsniveau. The attempt to defend its olympia title in Sydney failed pitifully: Niyongabo ran in halffinally only on rank 15.


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