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receipt: Satellite, cable & DVB-T
of countries: Germany, Europe
entrepreneurial group of: RTL Group
business guide: Franc Hoffmann
Erstausstrahlung: 25. January 1993
program type: Full program

VOX film and television GmbH & Co.KG
Richard Byrd road 6
50829 Cologne

Tel.: 01805- 33 55 77


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VOX is a German television station of the VOX film and television GmbH & cost. Kg with seat in Cologne.

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history VOX (lat. vox, vocis „voice “) in the year 1993 with the requirement to create a private station with transmissions which are characterised by an unusually high level.

The concept stood for Infotainment under keyword „“and contained primarily a combination of a news station with topical reporting and different talc rounds. Parts of the program supplies until today dctp (development company for Television Program), which had given received the transmission license together with VOX for a full program. The kind of sending with a spectacular Werbekampagne one accompanied.

The concept failed however and to VOX threatened the ruin.

The reasons of the failure were various. The pool of broadcasting corporations had changed and would send before its transmission pattern over the news of the day almost once per hour, so that the need for a news station was limited. In addition it came that for VOX new coworkers had to be adjusted, not over sufficient journalistic experience and safe occurrence in the television did not order. The low authority in the reporting was not any longer accepted by the spectator contrary to the initial years of the private television.

Few months according to kind of sending VOX left the possibility of forming itself by a crisis in Russia as transmitters with message authority unused and quoted messages of the press agencies, partly even to the pool of broadcasting corporations, which was with several correspondents locally and reported nearly around the clock.

VOX had obviously briefly according to kind of sending already no more financial reserves, it daily in the press upon the attitude of the transmit mode was speculated. Occasionally many advertising blocks were sent exclusively with self-advertisement, since obviously no reservations were present. Also openly about free Spots one talked industry-internally, which radiated VOX, in order to pretend orders. In order to keep the costs low, films in the distance were repeated fewer weeks several times. Clearest example was the film „the long death of the Stuntman Cameron “, which was so often radiated, until the transmission copy exhibited heaviest damages, what VOX from further radiant emittances did not prevent.

With the failure of the original transmission concept of VOX it became clear that the period of promoterism in the private television was to end and the large market shares were distributed. Afterwards created transmitters were saving or regional programs or smaller transmitters for the secondary utilization of repetitions.

The RTL Group, which to the Bertelsmann - company belongs, bought up in the year 2000 the fastened transmitter. It rejected the old concept and aligned within shortest time the past program more to maintenance.

VOX won the emphasis on travel, nature and animal documentations at profile, as it put, e.g. with VOXTOURS, travel magazine with Judith a Adlhoch, for which particularly an island was bought. Most well-known sign was however one decade long the Erotik transmission Wa (h) RH love, which admits the art figure Lilo Wanders as a host made. Shown since center of the 90's increasingly American TV-series (also in Erstausstrahlung), for example the aufwändig applied series space 2063 as well as Ally McBeal, the latter became a surprise hit.

However particularly in the late evening also a multiplicity of (among other things political) magazine endings are radiated. Saturday night is - as be enough with no other private station except cables 1 - a Erotikfilm in the program.

VOX had meanwhile stable ratingses and has itself beside cable 1 and RTL II as further transmitters of the so-called 2. Generation establishes.


the program is strongly coined/shaped of US imported goods. Weekday become with priority successful US series like a himmlische family (orig. 7th Heaven), bad clay/tone public, CSI, for all cases Amy, the Nanny, Six Feet Under, Gilmore Girls, Ally McBeal, hear times who hammers there and Everwood radiated. In addition, an Australian drama series of McLeods of daughters is also in the program. A firm component of the transmitter among other things transmissions are BBC exclusive such as Medical Detectives , mirror TV Special, mirror TV extra, mirror TV topic evening , South German TV , fit for funTV , Third Watch , living according to desire as well as - reports. Also topic evenings are arranged regular.

With the spectators the Kochshows on VOX is particularly popular. Of the 1. September 1997 up to 27. August 2005 cooked Britta of Lojewski in the cook duel. Since that 1. March 2004 (of 8. December to 19. December 2003 did not take place still another pilot phase) ensures Tim Mälzer in the work-daily show tastes, does not give' s for good ratios. If Tim break makes represents it Cathérine Kondé on the transmission place with fire and flame VOX sends erotische features in the night program as one of the few German transmitters. These, usually on weekend radiated “soft Pornos” come usually from France.

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