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Valentin Tomberg (* 27. February 1900 in pc. Petersburg, Russia; † 24. February 1973 on Mallorca) was right scientist and Mystiker. In its works it argued comprehensively with the Mystik and applies themselves to many, which could do it, as an illuminating.

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his father, a higher civil servant, was Swedish origin, the nut/mother was Russian. It enjoyed a good education, learned early Greek and latin, in the parents' house also German, English and French. It was inspired early already by the writings Rudolf Steiners. After the October Revolution it fled after Tallinn in Estonia. He worked as civil servant, teacher, agricultural worker, Pharmazeut and an artist and financed themselves thus an evening study of the comparative religion sciences, philosophy and several languages. In addition it was active for the Tallinner branch of the Anthroposophi society, whose leader already became he with 25 years. Since beginning of the 30's it published numerous essays in anthroposophischen magazines. 1931 it had a profound mirror-image-ritual experience. According to own data its” mental eyes and ears “would have opened and it began it directly surrounding world of the angels and mental Individualitäten to notice and with them into mental traffic step. The widow of Rudolf Steiner it wrote 1931: ” I a large was allowed to experience - in the true sense of this word. Because the spirit cosmos, which opened itself in radiating certainty of the awake soul “, is large. In the future it tried to align listeners and readers with its essays and lectures in the anthroposophischen sense its more strongly to Christ and to place also to more and more the Bible in its lectures into the center. 1938 moved Tomberg to Rotterdam and remained the time of the war with woman and child in the Netherlands. it converted 1945 to the catholic church. Stay in Mülheim/Ruhr followed, where it led the reconstruction of the people's highschool and Professor. from Hippel a place at the university offered to it for Cologne, where it to the Dr. jur. attained a doctorate and writings to the philosophy of law and international law submitted. To short time in London (around 1948), it moved to Reading to the Themse, worked up to its retirement 1960 for the BBC and afterwards on its manuscripts, particularly on its Hauptwerk: The large Arcana of the Tarot. Tomberg died during a stay in Mallorca to 24. Februrar 1973.

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Tombergs earlier writings are the Anthroposophie arrested and of it than were not very substantially judged later completely. Tomberg is located to contemporary philosophers, who sought to break through the borders of the scientific-materialistic conception of the world, in its later writings, which are not coined/shaped any more of the Anthroposophie, but from a low-felt Christology in a large tradition, which educate on the one hand the catholic church fathers and Mystiker, and on the other hand from the French Hermetikern, the Jewish Kabbala and like Henri Bergson, C. G. Young or partial hard de Chardin to be formed. Tomberg was limited however not to only recapitulate and summarize the tradition, but enriched with new insights and lets knowledge flow. In the 60's it wrote its Hauptwerk “the large Arcana of the Tarot”, which should appear anonymous after its death only, according to its will. The large Arcana is a meditative introduction to all what belongs in most comprehensive way to the Christian message and Spiritualität, one summa the Christian Hermetik.

Tomberg is concerned in its works also with the topic Egregor.


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