Valerian Gracias

Valerian cardinal Gracias (* 23. October 1901 in carat ski, India; † 11. September 1978 in Bombay) was archbishop of Bombay.


Valerian Gracias received its theological and philosophical training in Bangalore, Kandy and Rome. It received at the 3. October 1926 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe and worked afterwards as Gemeindeseelsorger in Bandra. After conclusion of resuming studies he became in the year 1930 a personal secretary of the archbishop of Bombay. In the years 1937 to 1946 he worked as minister and a publisher of a newspaper in Bombay. 1946 appointed it Pope Pius XII. to the Titularbischof of Thennesus and bishop in Bombay, 1950 to the archbishop of Bombay. To 12. January 1953 it accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church Santa Maria in via Lata to the Kardinalskollegium . Valerian cardinal Gracias was the first Indian, who was created to the cardinal. It participated in the Konklave of the yearly 1958, in the second Vatikani council and in the Konklave of the yearly 1963 . He could not attend the first Konklave of the yearly 1978 for disease reasons. Valerian cardinal Gracias died at the 11. September 1978 in Bombay and was bestattet in the there cathedral.


  • Dento S. De Souza: India' s roofridge cardinal: Highlights into the OF Valerian Cardinal Gracias would run. Bombay 1971


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