Valeska Gert

Valeska Gert, actually Gertrud Valesca Samosch (* 11. January 1892 in Berlin; † 18. March 1978 in Kampen/Sylt), was a dancer and a Kabarettistin, who were active as an actress occasionally also.

Valeska was the oldest child citizens of Berlin of the buyer Theodor Samosch and its wife Augusta Rosenthal. On Veranlassung of the nut/mother it receives since the sieved Lebensjahr dance hour. 1915/16 take it to play instruction with Maria Moissi and Alfred mash-the-hope. Gert keeps a commitment a little later to the resident of Munich chamber plays and in the year after can it already large successes than solo dancer in Berlin and Munich register. Their eccentric Tanzpantomimen with as soundful designations as “boxes”, “nervousness” desert “Kupplerin” makes it finally the skandalumwitterten star. Aimed it uses it little responding appearance with style and joke for their representation. 1925 are to be seen it for the first time in a film. In of Hans's Neumann Parodie of a summer eight-dream embodies it the puck. Shortly thereafter it uses George William Pabst with large profit in its road film the freudlose lane ( 1925), playing during the world economic crisis, in which it gives a smudgy Kupplerin. Afterwards one sees it in Alraune and the rather inconsequential strip like that is the life. 1929 come it again to a co-operation with Pabst: It engages it for the diary of a losing. Here it brilliert as a sadistische chief of a home for pleased girls. There is above all the scenes with Valeska Gert, which remain clinging to the spectator in the memory: While it animates its easily dressed protection-ordered to turn exercises, it drives itself by striking a gong into frights an exciting Ekstase, which flows in a veritablen Orgasmus. She attains a larger admitting heating degree one year later with her appearing than Mrs. Peachum in the three-groschen opera likewise set by Pabst in scene. Also with the artists of that time it excites attention: Building house pupil Wassiljef paints it in „death “, Jeanne Mammen perpetuates it 1929 as „Chansonette “and Charlotte Berend Corinth holds her dancing in a graphics sequence.

1933 of the Nazis as „degenerate “diffamiert, emigriert Gert over France first to England. In London it is involved in the experimental short clay/tone film Pett and poet. It is for long time their last film. 1938 go it into the USA. Here it has it heavily to work in its past occupation and is first as Tellerwäscherin active. 1941 open the Beggar bar, a mixture from Kabarett and restaurant, which must close her however 1945 because of official editions again to Gert in New York. One of their waiters is late than dramatists world-famous the threshing floor lake Williams become.

1947 return it to Europe. After intermediate stays in Paris and Zurich Gert travels 1949 to Berlin standing under blockade, where she opens „the witch kitchen in the subsequent year “. 1951 the opening of the legendary „goat stable takes place “in Kampen on the North Sea island Sylt. In the skurrilen, with hay provide the waiters decorated bar not only for the physical well-being, but also for the maintenance of the guests. Valeska Gert does not arise here however even.

1965 get it the Italian film director Federico Fellini for the film Julia and the spirit before the camera, in which they provide, with a white Perücke, the role of a Faktotums take over. To 28. June 1970 receives it the film volume in gold for their working of many years and outstanding in the German film. 1976 are to be seen it into peoples Schlöndorffs the catch shot as an aunt Preskovia. Schlöndorff turns afterwards the documentation only to the fun only to the play, in which Gert tells about its life. 1978 receive it from Werner duke the offer to play in its new filming of the Murnau classical author Nosferatu the house broker Knock. But it dies scarcely 2 weeks later, still before beginning of the turning work.

Although since 1933 predominantly outside of Berlin living, had Valeska Gert ordered that its mortal covering in Berlin is buried. It became on the cemetery resting life (at the Hain) in (west) - Berlin in a “bang-red coffin” bestattet as desired. Their a star is in mills OF Fame of the Kabaretts dedicated.

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of silent movies

  • 1924/25 - a summer eight-dream - Germany, direction: Hans's Neumann
  • 1929 - like that is the life - Germany, direction: Carl of young Hans


  • 1934 - Pett and poet - Great Britain, direction: Alberto Cavalcanti
  • 1965 - Guilietta degli Spiriti (Julia and the spirit) - Germany/Italy/France, direction: Frederico Fellini
  • 1966 - La bonne lady (the good lady) - France, direction: Pierre Philippe
  • 1975 - the Betörung of the blue sailors - Germany, direction: Ulrike Oettinger
  • 1977 - only to the fun, only to the play - Kaleidoskop Valeska Gert - Germany, direction: Peoples Schlöndorff

one appreciated of literature Valeska Gerts bold new dance style already promptly in contemporary books. Selection:

  • Paul Nikolaus: Dancers. With 32 illustrations and 4 [colored] designs of Ernst Stern, Munich, dolphin (1919). Over Valeska Gert, Grete Wiesenthal, Lo Hessian, Anita Berber among other things
  • Ernst Blass: The nature of the new dance art. With 8 photos. Weimar, Erich Liechtenstein, 1921. Haven advice of Niddy Impekoven, Mary Wigman, Valeska Gert and Charlotte Bara.
  • Werner Suhr: The face of the dance, Robert Laurer publishing house, Hamburg, 1927. Table of contents: Basic forms of the dance/single dance and group dance/the absolute and the decorative dance/the dance as a sign of our time/Valeska Gert/over the death of the dancer Nijinsky /dancer and dancers/of the free light dance/Kultus and dance. // photo: Study (TIG one school, Dresden)/ Harald Kreutzberg and Elizabeth pit / Rudolf Peter Schork in “Niggergroteske”/Vera Donalis/from the Marion Hermann group (act photo)/Wy Magito/Hilde Schewior/Valeska Gert/act photo Helmy Hurt/Harald Kreutzberg/ Marion Hermann /Gerda gate castle/ Ellinor gate this / Jo Vi /act photo “two-sound”/Japanese mask Tanzpantomime
  • Fred Hildenbrandt: The dancer Valeska Gert. Stuttgart, hectar cover, 1928
  • Garbaty Cigarettenfabrik : Famous dancers. Collecting album of the company Garbaty Cigarettenfabrik, Berlin Pankow and their mark GOLD SABA (250 pictures), Berlin, self publishing house, o.J (around 1930). History of the dance in 5 chapters. Pictures of Fanny Eissler, Saharet, Anna Pawlowa, Tilly delete, Erna Sydow, Isidora Duncan, Valeska Gert, Gret Palucca, Niddy Impekoven, Mary Wigman u.v.a.
  • Dancers of the present (= looking books 18). 65 pictures describes from Fred Hildenbrandt. Zurich, Orell & Füssli, 1931. Photographs among other things from Josephine Baker, Mary Wigman, Anna Pawlowa, Valeska Gert, La Jana, Claire Bauroff, La Argentina, Lucy flint living, Grete Wiesenthal, Niddy Impekoven, Hertha protect, Gret Palucca with short comments.

Memories and Monographien

  • Valeska Gert: My way, Leipzig, Devrient (1930)
  • Valeska Gert: The beggar bar in New York, memories, for the first time 1950, era never publishing house, Berlin. After the sellout it acquired the rights back and ensured by private reproductions for the fact that a copy at the bar of their “goat stable” could be always acquired in Kampen.
  • Valeska Gert: I am a witch
  • Valeska Gert: The cat of Kampen, Percha, R. S. Schulz, 1974
  • franc Manuel Peter: Valeska Gert: Dancer, actress and Kabarettistin. A documentary biography. Berlin 1985


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