Valois (also: Valois Orléans and Valois Angoulême) is the name of a French ruler dynasty (king house). It went out out of a Nebenlinie of the Kapetinger, which itself after its main possession, which designated county Valois.

Stammbaum der Valois
Family tree of the Valois

as the Kapetinger Karl IV. 1328 without sonsdied, mounted according to a determination of the so-called.Sali right (after in the French king house only the male succession was possible) its cousin on the paternal side, count Philipp von Valois, as Philipp VI.the throne. There the regulation concerned at this time however no more or not yetwas again firmly embodied in the tradition (e.g. if it did not apply to all duchies), also the English king raised Eduard III.Requirements on the throne, in its characteristic as a son of a sister of Karl IV. and thus direct descendant of Karl's father, king Philipp V.From this developed the English-French war, which entered as the hundred-year war history and which substantially coined/shaped reigns of the first Valois rulers.

Under the Valois, in particular Karl V., Karl VII., Ludwig XI. and Franz I., became in France (differently than in Germanythe same time) the role of the crown despite occasional intermediate decay of power strengthened and the centralization on the capital Paris continued. Also French national consciousness developed finally under the first Valois.

With the assignment of the duchy Burgund at the Valois Philipp the bold one, thatyoungest son Johanns II., a collateral line of the dynasty placed the rulers of the Burgunderreiches from 1363 to 1477, which could keep itself one century long between France and Germany and from the late the today's Benelux states came out.

With Heinrich III. expired 1589 after 261 yearsthe direct line of the Valois. They were thus after the Kapetingern, which brought it, without on them the Robertiner likewise to be taken into account, on 341 years, those longest governing French ruler dynasty. You followed, with Heinrich IV., the dynasty of the Bourbonen].

Afterduke Philipps of the good one of Burgund (a great-grandchild king Johanns IITH) exists to becoming extinct the direct line of the Valois decreasing/going back line to today one on a daughter.

The today's Valois:

Jean Louis, Herzog von Burgund and the Champagne, count von Valois (* 18.Aug.1945 in Madrid)

son:Louis, Herzog von Burgund and the Champagne, count von Valois (* 1969 in Paris)

son: Remote and, duke of Burgund and the Champagne, count von Valois (* 1978 in Arnsburg)< p>

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French of kings from the house Valois

in parentheses the reigns

beginning of the dynasty of the Bourbonen: 1610]])

Family tree of the Valois


Philipp VI. of Valois
1293 - 1350
King of France 1328 - 1350

Johannes II. that property (le Bon)
1319 - 1364
King of France 1350 - 1364

Karl V.
1338 - 1380
King of France 1364 - 1380

Karl VI.the mad one (le Fou)
1368 - 1422
King of France 1380 - 1422

1372 - 1407
Duke (Duc d'Orléans) - brother of king Karl VI.

Karl VII. the victorious one (le Victorieux)
1403 - 1461
King of France 1422 - 1461

1394 - 1465
Duke (Duc d'Orléans)

1404 - 1467
Count (Comte d'Angoulême)

Ludwig XI.
1423 - 1483
King of France 1461 - 1483

Karl VIII. the Leutselige (l'Affable)
1470 - 1498
King of France 1483 - 1498

Ludwig XII.
1462 - 1515
king of France 1498 - 1515

1459 - 1496
Count (Comte d'Angoulême)

Franz I.
1494 - 1547
King of France 1515 - 1547

Heinrich II.
1519 - 1559
King of France 1547 - 1559

Franz II.
1544 - 1560
King of France 1559 - 1560

Karl IX.
1550 - 1574
King of France 1560 - 1574

Heinrich III.
1551 - 1589
King of France 1574 - 1589

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