Republic of OF Vanuatu (English)
République de Vanuatu (frz.)
Ripablik Blong Vanuatu (until Lama)
Republic of Vanuatu< /font>
Flagge Vanuatus Wappen Vanuatus
(Detail) (detail)
office language English, French and until Lama
capital haven Vila
system of government parliamentary Republic of
president Kalkot Mataskelekele
prime minister Ham line
Surface 12,189 km ²
number of inhabitants 205,754 (conditions July 2005)
independence 30. July 1980 of FR and UK = national holiday
currency 1 Vatu = 100 cents
internet TLD .vu
national anthem Yumi, Yumi, Yumi
Lagekarte Ozeaniens, Vanuatu hervorgehoben
inhabitant of Vanuatu makes fire

Vanuatu is a Inselgruppe in South Pacific and a sovereign state, before times new Hebriden. They form the island state of the same name. The economy consists usually of agriculture, fishery and tourism (about 50,000 visitors 1997). No Bodenschätze exist.

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the archipelago Vanuatu extends over 1.300 km of the south Pacific. It consists of 82 islands of volcanic origin. Only few of these islands have a size, which makes them important.The largest are Espiritu Santo and Malekula. The active volcano Mt is particularly remarkable. Yasur on the island Tanna, as well as the one aero (or Ambae) on the island Aoba, which showed in December 2005 activity. The capital haven VilaÉfaté is on the island.


many of the islands of Vanuatu were already populated for thousands of years. The oldest finds were dated on the year 2000 v Chr. The Portuguese sailor Pedro Fernández de Quirós reachedthe area as first Europeans at the 3. May 1606. After the second journey of the British discoverer James Cook European settlers on the islands established themselves starting from 1839.

Frenchmen and Englishmen agreed 1906 for the establishment of a common Kondominiums on the new Hebriden, as the islands were called at that time. Into the 1960ern the population pushed later to more self-determination and after independence. Full sovereignty attained the island state to 30. July 1980 by the agreement of the two European protecting powers.


the economy of Vanuatu are still strongly agriculturally coined/shaped and thus susceptible despite an expanding service sector to natural catastrophes and weather fluctuations. By various restaurant reforms like the introduction it succeeded to a value added tax of 12,5% to strengthen the service sector,so that an expanding tourism industry and increasingly influential offshore banks could develop.

Internet Domain

in the Internet became known to Vanuatu by its free Top level Domain .vu, which is in the meantime no longer free. However offer a multiplicity of other Registrareone .vu - Subdomain like for example free of charge on.

Over 42 millions Euro has Vanuatu with the sales .vu - Domains earns.

The operators of the KaZaA - network of Sharman networks established themselves there, around procedures in the Netherlandsto escape and profit from tax benefits to. Also WinMX, a Peer2Peer - software, changed its location there.

Kursmünzen der Neuen Hebriden
the indication of currency “Vatu”
Kursmünzen von Vanuatu
carry currency course coins

of the new Hebriden course coins of Vanuatu the course coins in Vanuatu.

Before independencethe country was expressed the currency of the British-French Kondominions “new Hebriden” in” francs “. Many course coins of Vanuatu carry nationaltypical motives.

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coordinates: 16° 38 ' S, 168° 01 ' O


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