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Vardis Fisher (* 13. March 1895 in Annis, Idaho, † 1968 in Haggerman , Idaho) was an US-American writer. He wrote novels, essays and Kurzgeschichten. Into the 1930er years as a promising writer of the American west outstandingly, he is today to a large extent unknown.

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Vardis Fisher was the son of a mormonischen bishop and member of a group of fragments within that church. He spent his youth finally from the remaining world in the Snake River valley in Idaho. He marries 1917 its youth friend Leona McMurtrey and studied then in Utah (1920, Bachelor) and Chicago (1922, Masters, 1925, Ph.D.). The free death of its wife in the year 1924 represented a tragic cut into his life.

To training activity in English language in Utah (1925-1928) and New York (1928-1931) it returned 1931 to Idaho, in order to dedicate itself completely the Schriftstellerei. 1928 he married Margaret Trusler, with which he had a son. The marriage ended in a divorce. 1940 he married opal Laurel of cross-beam, with whom he lived up to his death in the year 1968 withdrawn in the Malad river valley into Idaho.


the early creative period Vardis Fisher covers novels around historical figures or events. „Chrildren OF God “, a novel around Brigham Young and the Mormonen, was distinguished 1939 with the Harper Prize. „Pemmikan “ draws the skin trade in later west Canada after. „Mountain one “ was filmed by Sydney pole lacquer under the title „Jeremiah Johnsonwith Robert Redford in the main role. In this time the novels developed were taken up positively by the criticism; Vardis Fisher was considered as promising writers.

Its later creative period was coined/shaped of the attempt to represent pivots of the history of the western culture area from the Steinzeit into the modern trend in twelve novels. Vardis Fischer called this venture „The will OF one “ (German „the inheritance of mankind “). These novels encountered to a large extent refusal, both due to their requirement and due to contentwise lack. Many at Fischer's time accepted historical conditions appear today outdated.

work list

auto+biographically affected novels

  • Toilers OF the Hills, 1928 (life of the farmers in the wild west)
  • Dark Bridwell, 1931 (life in the wild west)
  • Vridar Hunter Tetralogie (1932, 1934, 1935, 1936): In Tragic, passion spin the Plot, incoming goods of acres Betrayed, NO a many layman Need would amount; Revision 1960 under the title Orphans in Gethsemane (also in two volumes For passion, For Heaven and The Great Confession) appeared. (Lives in the wild west)
  • Forgive US our Virtues, 1938

the American west

  • Children OF God, 1939 (history of the Mormonen)
  • town center OF illusion, 1941 (mining industry fever in Nevada)
  • The Mothers, 1943 (history of the American west, 1850-1855)
  • Pemmican, 1956 (skin trade in west Canada; Hudson Bay company)
  • Tale OF Valor (Lewis and Clarks search for a Landweg to the Pacific)
  • Mountain one (individualism in the wild west)
  • Love and Death, 1959

special title

  • Suicide or Murder? The strand Death OF Governor Meriwether Lewis.
  • Gold Rushes and Mining Camps OF the Early American west

The will OF one

  1. Darkness and the Deep, 1943 (Neanderthaler)
  2. The golden Rooms, 1944 (Cro Magnon human being)
  3. Intimations OF Eve, 1946
  4. Adam and the Serpent, 1947
  5. The Divine passion, 1948 (time period of the Biblical Abraham)
  6. The Valley OF vision, 1951 (time period of the Biblical Salomon)
  7. The Iceland OF the Innocent, 1952 (Makkabäeraufstand)
  8. Jesus Came Again, 1956 (time period of the new will)
  9. A Goat for Azazel, 1956 (time period of the new will)
  10. Peace Like A River, 1957 (expenditure for paperback The passion Within) (council of Nicäa)
  11. My Holy Satan, 1958 (the Middle Ages at present the Franz of Assisi)
  12. Orphans in Gethsemane (modern trend; Revision of its auto+biographic Vridar Hunter Tetralogie)


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