Varg Vikernes

Varg Qisling Larssøn Vikernes (* 11. February 1973 in mountains/Norway; native: Kristian Vikernes), also admits as „COUNT Grishnackh “, is founder of the Black Metal - of project Burzum.

Vikernes became 1994 because of murder at Oystein „Euronymous “Aarseth, which Mayhem, arson as well as possession from weapons and explosive to 21 years detention condemn guitarist the Black Metal volume.

Between 1991 (after the suicide of the former Mayhem of singer by Yngve “DEAD” Ohlin) and the murder at Aarseth it played bass with Mayhem, to hear on some TRACKs '94 it of the album De Mysteriis cathedral Sathanas.

Vikernes turned in the last years ever more to the right scene and is joint founder of the allGermanic Heidni front. By its ideology and its acting he became with many trailers of the Metalszene disputed, with some in addition, the cult figure.

To its Ikonisierung do not contribute to lastly the early publications of its project Burzum , which affected a not small part of the today's Black Metal. However led the also straight process of its process and a sensation journalism holding with it introduction to its current picture in the public, which it does not seem to receive straight enthusiastically.

In its article „A Burzum story: Part VII - The Nazi Ghost “dissociates itself Vikernes however expressly from the national socialism; he is not a socialist and also no materialist, but into („Scandinavian “) the democracy would trust. Humans are not to lose the purchase to his homeland, to his religion and not let themselves be affected.

Quotation of Varg Vikernes: “The `Nazi ghost' has scared million OF Europeans from caring about their blood and homeland for sixty years now, and it is about time incoming goods banish this ghost and again start ton think and care about the things that (whether incoming goods like it or emergency) acres important tons of US. ”

It used its time in detention for further photographs of its project Burzum, which in the meantime however stylistic from the Black Metal is distant, since Vikernes feels no more connected with this music, in addition, for writing several books, at the most well-known probably “Vargsmål” and detailed occupation with European history.

Despite an escape attempt in the year 2003, which extended its detention by 13 months, Vikernes expects its release according to own data August 2006.

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