Vaughn Monroe

Vaughn Monroe (* 7. October 1911 in Akron, Ohio; † 21. May 1973 in Stuart, Florida) was an US-American singer, picking up vein and Trompeter.

First attention attained Monroe 1926, when it won an amateur competition for Trompeter. After several appearances with regional volume such as Gibby LOCK hard, Austin Wylie and Larry radio, he studied singing at the new England Conservatory OF music, in order to step thereafter Jack Marshard's Orchestra as singers and Trompeter.

1940 decided Monroe to form its own volume. It kept a contract nearly sudden from RCA Victor. Title such as Racing With the Moon, There! I've Said It Again and Riders into the Sky (later also published by Frankie Laine) justified its steep career. Many its title landed on the American Top Ten.

During this time it played also in two films with: To Meet the People with Lucille Ball and thickly Powell (1944), as well as Carnegie resound (1947).

After it had to give volume up for financial reasons its, its largest popularity diminished into the 50ern. It started a solo career as a singer, arose in TV-shows for RCA Victor and played in several second-class Western the singing cowboy.

The hit list of its titles (under it 4 golden records) shows that Monroe strengthen with its, trained voice the spirit of the time met and positively from many other Pop and Countrysängern stood out.

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