Veltins Pilsener 0,33 Liter
Veltins Pilsener of 0.33 litres

of Veltins is a German beer, that after the purity requirement since 1824 in Meschede - Grevenstein, sour country after Pilsener kind of brewing of the brewery C.&.A. Veltins is brewed. Business guide of the brewery is Mrs. Susanne Veltins.

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beside the Pils also the derivatives are produced „Veltins easy “, „Veltins alcohol-free “, „Veltins V+ “, „Veltins Radler “and „Veltins Malz “. „V+ “is a beer mix beverage with Cola, lemonade or a Energy drink. On the Internorga 2006 Veltins presents the new “V+Curuba”, one mix beverage from 80% beer and 20% refreshment beverage with excerpts of the Curuba - fruit and Tequila - to flavour of which to the 1. March 2006 on the market came.


the products of the Veltins brewery are driven out in different bundles: Doses (0.5 litres), bottles (0.33 and 0.5 litres), so-called party kegs (5 litres) and barrels (10.5 litres, 20 litres, 30 litres and 50 litres).

Popular the so-called „Veltins Steinie “(0.5 or 0.33 litres) is special, it also as „Gastro Steinie “(0.33 litres), for the catering trade without label and with large “VELTINS” - coinage, gives.


the mark is sponsor of different kinds of sport. Except the soccer association fiber plastic Schalke 04 is financially supported also the Veltins Biathlon WTC. Since that 1. July 2005 is Veltins name sponsor of the football stadium „Veltins arena “in gel churches, the former „arena AufSchalke “.


  • 1824 establishment of the hotel brewery shopkeeper in Grevenstein.
  • 1852 assumption „of the Grevensteiner brewery “by Clemens Veltins.
  • 1883 transfer of the brewery to the local edge of Grevenstein.
  • 1893 the twin brothers Carl Veltins and Anton Veltins takes over the brewery. Therefore also the today's name „C. & A. Veltins “.
  • 1919 the brewery Veltins creates the first motor vehicle on.
  • 1926 Carl Veltins junior decide to manufacture from now on only beer to Pilsener kind of brewing.
  • 1949 Veltins brews after ten-year war-conditioned rest break again beers.
  • 1964 locking the bottles with crowning corks one introduces. In addition Rosemarie Veltins takes over the brewery.
  • A purification plant in-house builds 1966 Veltins as a first company in Europe.
  • The enterprise the public operational readiness level takes over and increases 1994 Susanne Veltins.
  • 2001 conception of the mix beverage series of V+ consisting of „V+ Kola “and „V+ Lemon “
  • 2003 Veltins introduce the new relief bottle as well as a further mix beverage named „V+ Energy “.
  • 2005 Veltins Malz are brewed for the first time. In addition conquers Veltins more radler the market.
  • The new mixing beverage “V+ Curuba” introduces 2006 Veltins.


the advertising spot “surprise” with the manager of the fiber plastic Schalke 04, Rudi Assauer, and its Partnerin Simone Thomalla was distinguished 2006 with the golden camera in the category “best advertising spot with prominent ones”.

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