Venire versus factum proprium

Venire versus factum proprium (lat. Offence against the own earlier behavior) designates a certain case of the offence against the principle of faithful and faith , which are fixed in the civil law book in § 242 in the German law of contract. Afterwards an exercise of rights is inadmissible and ineffective within obligation or another legal special connection, if the entitled one created even an actual situation, on whose existence the other part was allowed to trust and trusted. If the entitled one held for example the other involved one expressly to keep the necessary form of the business then it can represent a misuse of rights, if it appoints itself nevertheless later to the form inefficacy. Likewise it can contradict for example this principle, if the married man, who agreed an artificial fertilization of its wife with donor sperm (heterologe Insemination so mentioned), later the obligation to pay alimony with reference to the missing (biological) paternity to extract itself wants.

The forfeiture, with which the other part did not have to count by timing and behavior of the entitled one any longer on it that a requirement would be made still valid, is a special Unterfall of the contradictory trade.


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