with Verballhornung one designates the Verfremdung of ways of writing, so that the result results in another sense. This takes place often deliberately for parodistischen purposes. A Verballhornung by permutation of segments (which long g kind, finite W ut) becomesalso Spoonerism (after William A. Spooner) mentioned.

One calls the inadvertent wrong adjustments of fremdsprachiger terms to well-known nut-linguistic words however Volksetymologie.

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the designation decreases/goes backon the Lübecker printer Johann Bal (l) horn the younger one († 1603), which shifted 1586 an expenditure of the Lübecker of municipal law, which contained paradoxical errors. According to history it is to have revised an older expenditure, according to which however more error were contained thanbefore, why originally „it verballhornen “(„ballhornisieren more rarely “) as much as „bad-improves “meant. Embarrassing particularly was this, because other cities likewise judged by Lübecker municipal law. One assumes in the meantime the paradoxical changes not of Balhorn themselves, but of twoLawyers of the town councillor were in-drawn up.


  • good slide in the new year (jiddisch Rosch hectar-Schanah - new year)
  • draws like Hechtsuppe (berlinisch, of jiddisch hech supha - storm wind)
  • neck and leg break, (jiddisch hasloche un' broche - luck and benediction)
  • dad Ratzi (of Paparazzi - Italian Kosename for Benedikt XVI. (Joseph cardinal Ratzinger))
  • Misnopotamien instead of Mesopotamien is called occasionally the homeland of the Gothamites.
  • Schmus and bed day, Knutsch and kneading day (paying for andPraying day)
  • Mayday (franz. [venez] m'aidez - you help me) - emergency call in air and navigation
  • God shave the Queen (English one. “God shaves the queen” instead of “God save the Queen” [God with the queen may be])
  • is terribly and resist - Werbekampagne of the Team-17-Software-Ltd to a part of the Worms - row (original quotation of the Bible: “Are fruitful and mehret you! ”)
  • Sausage cheese (worst case)
  • Ballermann (splinter balneario = bathing resort also bath health resort)
  • to the pencil (toExample)
  • Knoff hoping (know-how engl.= knowledge, as something) even Verballhornung
  • is to be done can be verballhornen: Verbalhornung

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