Convention community

convention communities are regional administrative bodies in Rhineland-Palatinate, which consist of several legally independent local municipalities. It concerns thereby a kind central administrative body of several independent municipalities, which for the completion of its administrative business a new regional administrative body, which form convention community. The convention communities are after the Gemeindeordnung assigned by Rhineland-Palatinate own tasks, like public education, fire-brigade, central sport, play and leisure facilities, water supply or sewage disposal. This has its own selected local council (federation local council) and a full-time mayor. The tasks of the local municipalities takesthe federation municipality in their order truely. The mayor of a convention community can be in personnel union local mayors of a local municipality at the same time (§71 Gemeindeordnung Rhineland-Palatinate).

The individual local municipalities have for their part own agencies (local local council) and honorary local mayor. At very small local municipalities, only from fewInhabitants exist, steps in place of the local council the municipality meeting. There are some local municipalities, which have less than 20 inhabitants.

Federation-free cities and municipalities notice the functions of the administration of a convention community, which are specified by Rhineland-Palatinate in the Gemeindeordnung.

Federation member of cities are local municipalitieswith the status of a city. Usually they are seat and name givers of the respective convention community.

In other Lands of the Federal Republic there are the convention communities similar mechanisms with other designations and partially also different setting of tasks.

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