tariff gate
in the center, portion at the Meuse
portion in the pedestrian precinct
Fort Vaux, Verdun
Away Vaux, Verdun
Verdun Gedenkstätte
Verdun memorial place
Ruinen von Verdun im Kriegsjahr 1916
ruins of Verdun in the war year 1916

Verdun (German become outdated: Landlords) a city is to the Maas (frz. la Meuse) in the northeast of France with approximately 23,000 inhabitants.Verdun is belonged to seat of a Sous Prefecture in the Département Meuse (55) and to the region Lorraine (frz. Lorraine). Paris is 260 km far away, Metz 80 km, Nancy 90 km.


Verdun, Roman: Virodunum 4 is since that. Century bishop seat. In the year 843 becamedecided the division of the Franconia realm by the contract of Verdun. In the early and also still in the high Middle Ages Verdun was a flowering remote commercial town, the wealth of its buyers was proverbial. In the early 11. Century experienced the city an extraordinary economic upswing. In this time became Nikolaus of Verdun born, one of the most famous Goldschmiede of the Middle Ages. At the latest in 13. Century set its fall. The monasteries and pins, once engine of the urbanisation, had become now forces of persisting.

Verdun belonged to Lorraine and thus since 925 to the east Franconia realm, from which the holy Roman realm of German nation came out. As free realm city it fell however 1552 by the contract of Chambord as protectorate and 1648, by the Westfäli peace, finally at France. If one reads the contract of Chambord, then were thoseInhabitant of Verdun „German language” and the city was not left to the French king by the Protestant princes in opposition to the German emperor, in order to receive its support in the fight against the emperor.

In 17. Century was strongly fastened the city. She attained in The First World War sad celebrity, when in the fight for the ring of forts of the city the bloodiest battle at the west front (apart from the battle to the Somme) between Frenchmen and Germans began, the battle around Verdun.

The battle around Verdun lasted from February to December 1916 and did not bring important strategic advantages to a war-prominent side. It cost however the life to about 120,000 French and 100,000 German soldiers; nearly 500,000 men was wounded.


Verdun-Gedenkstätte (L´Ossuaire de Douaumont) heute: Im Hintergrund das "Beinhaus"
dung thinking place (L´Ossuaire de Douaumont) today: In the background the “leg house

today lives thoseCity particularly of the service sector: Tourism, administration, diocese. Main marriage worthynesses are beside the soldier cemeteries and museums of the environment, the former battleground, the recently reconditioned city centre with the dock to the Maas as well as the cathedral with the world peace center in the bishop palace.

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